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What is this site?

Update: As of 2017, we're partnering up with Disguised Toast for future Hearthstone content! Please visit Disguised Toast for more awesome Hearthstone content!

Mana Crystals is a tool that help players create guides for their favorite game - Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

We built the site from the ground up with speed, stability, readability, and a good mobile experience in mind. So that the writers who use our site can share their work with the community and their fans more readily.

An analogy would be:

  • Imgur is the popular website to host and share your images.

  • Mana Crystals is the place to create and share your Hearthstone guides.

How much does it cost?

Free! It costs nothing for both writers and readers. And you can get started in seconds, so go ahead and give it a try! Maybe start with something simple like creating a decklist?

What kind of guides can I create here?

There are four kinds of guides you can create here on Mana Crystals (naturally, all must be Hearthstone related!)

  • Just a Decklist - If you want to quickly put together a decklist and nothing else, then this is the option for you. We have the fast decklist creator in the whole world! (Well, it will depend on how fast your can type)
  • A Deck Guide - If you want to include information (on top of just a decklist) such as matchups, mulligans, card choices, tech choices or budget choices, then this is the guide you want to start with.
  • An Article/General Guide - Any non deck guide or decklist related topics falls under this option. Crafting, strategy, journal, card analysis - pretty much anything Hearthstone related!
  • A Matchup Analysis - If you want to write about a specific matchup, like Freeze Mage versus Control Warrior, then this is the option you'd pick.

How do I use this site as a reader?

There are lots of ways you can use this site, depending on the information you're interested in:

How do I make my posts look good / format it?

Check out the Editor FAQ here!

If I write my guides here, do I still own it?

Yes! All your guides written here belongs to you and it's accessible to anyone/everyone. You're free to edit, update or delete them as you see fit. Unlike other sites, we won't control you by dictating you what you can or can not include in your guide (as long as it's Hearthstone related).

Privacy, Terms and Rules

You can read more about the fine print here:

I'm a Firefox (browser) user. What's up with the slowness of the site?

We're aware that some Firefox users are having trouble loading our site during their first visit. We're working on a fix (please email us if you're experiencing the same issue) and trying to get on as much info as we can (our own Firefox detects no issue). We recommend using other browsers such as Chrome or Safari till we can patch this issue.

Question: How do I contact you? I got feedback, critique, complaint to share!

You can email us at or hit us up on Twitter.