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Welcome to the second issue of our Newsletter - where we sum up what's been happening for the past week on Mana Crystals!

Note: Just 4 days left for your chance to participate in Mana Crystals' first community event where you can win 15 or 60 card packs!

My Apologies

We have been extremely busy this week - we gained a lot of new visitors (welcome!) and was very glad to see some of you giving our guide tool a try.

Due to how busy we have been this week, we weren't able to put together a State of the Meta report this week. Our sincerest apologies!

But if you want an idea how on what decks people are playing in tournaments, check out this post, containing Top 16 decklists from the DreamHack Austin tournament that took place over the weekend.

So What Have We Been Doing?

We've been working on a bunch of new features to improve the reading and navigating experience of the site, as well as some tools that will help make the authors' lives a little easier.

The following are currently being worked on.

Reply to Reply is coming

Right now you can only reply to top level comments. We develop Mana Crystals site using agile and lean methodology, adding features as the need rises. We're seeing a lot of conversations taking place, so it's time to improve that aspect of it.

Mentions (@) will be part of that improvement

People can mention you in a comment of a guide that you aren't necessary the author of. But how will you know?

Notifications will also be coming

To help authors handle the comments left on their guides (without manually checking the guides every few minutes), there will be a new notification system! It will function similarly to Facebook's - be notified (on the site) when there's a comment left on your guide, a reply to your comment or when someone mentions you.

Email notification won't be part of the initial scope, but if there is sufficient request for it, we can build it.

Updated our faq and editor tutorials

If you are still not sure what exactly is Mana Crystals - check out our new faq to help answer that question!

If you want some tips on how to create awesome look guides, check out the editor tutorial here.

A Few Things That's Live (Or Soon To Be)

Here are a couple of new things that you may have already noticed on the site.

Feedback collection

We have been reaching out to everyone, asking for feedback on how we can improve the site to make it better for you (whether as a reader or as an author). So if you have a moment, be sure to reply back! We'd greatly appreciate it.

Tooltips in comments

You can now use the tooltip command ([card]) in comments.

New decklist layout

We have livened up the decklists presentation - with card images and a touch of colors (from the straight text version). Hope you like it!


We added an ad on the sidebar and two at the bottom. We're hoping to offset some of the server costs (Amazmon Cloudfront is proving to be quite expensive!). Please consider adding Mana Crystals to your whitelist.

New landing page layout

We'll have new landing page layout very soon. Its goal is to tidy the space usage and add a few useful (hopefully) sections while taking out the less visited sections. Let us know what you think of it when it's live.


If you have any comments/suggestions/critiques, leave us a comment, email us or hit us up on Twitter.

As usual, we would like to give a big thank you to those who have signed up, left comments or created guides. We promise to keep improving the site, both features and content!

Comments (4)

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Thumb icon wotog

@Toilet_Drake Testing notification system!

Thumb avatar placeholder

Great new site and an awesome addition to the Hearthstone community.
Keep up the good work.

As an aside would it be possible to return the deck listings to two columns?

Thumb icon wotog

@Toilet_Drake Testing the new mention system!

Thumb toilet drake

Hi StgWingHead,

What do you mean by decklistings to two columns? Could you provide a screenshot?