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Welcome to the first post of this series where we sum up what's been happening on this site!

Win a 60 Card Pack Bundle!

Mana Crystals is hosting a community event where participants can win a 60 card pack bundle and/or a 15 card bundle! You can check out the event details page here. The event is currently active and will last until May 15th.

The Decks Pros and Streamers Playing

We've been working very hard researching on what some of the decks the top players are playing. You can find our summary in the following 3 articles:

Now that there are less and less variety of new arch types being discovered, we'll be stopping the daily summary articles of OG Decks. But, decklists from pros and streamers will continuously be added to the site on a daily basis! They'll be posted under the username 'Community'. **Link to decklists

We always do our best to link to the source of where we found the decklist to ensure legitimacy and credibility.

Deck Rankings

If you want to know the popular deck archtypes currently being played, be sure to check out our Standard Deck Rankings page.

As people become more familiar with the decks, there should be more complete deck guides coming out (instead of just pure decklists).

Going Forward

Mana Crystal's goal is to become the best tool for Hearthstone content creators and writers - where they can create beautiful guides, publish and share those guides. Keeping the site mobile friendly is also one of the key areas we're keeping our focus on. We have a lot more writer friendly features as well as readers' quality of life updates coming to the site, so we hope you continue to use this site and give us your support!

If you have any comments/suggestions/critiques, leave us a comment, email us or hit up on Twitter.

And a big thank you to those who have signed up, left comments or created guides. We'll extremely grateful for your support!

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