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Top Decks to Beat Top Decks to Watch Top Decks to Try Obscure / Wild Decks
Thumb dragon wawrrior Dragon Warrior Thumb metadeck druid Beast Druid Thumb metadeck paladin Aggro Paladin Thumb aggro druid Aggro Druid
Thumb face hunter Face Hunter Thumb control priest Control Priest Thumb cthun druid C'Thun Druid Thumb metadeck mage Aggro Mage
Thumb metadeck druid Malygos Druid Thumb control warrior Control Warrior Thumb cthun warrior C'Thun Warrior Thumb metadeck mage Control Mage
Thumb midrange shaman Midrange Shaman Thumb murloc paladin Murloc Paladin Thumb dragon priest Dragon Priest Thumb metadeck shaman Control Shaman
Thumb metadeck hunter Secret Hunter Thumb pirate warrior Pirate Warrior Thumb freeze mage Freeze Mage Thumb cthun druid C'Thun Druid
Thumb tempo mage Tempo Mage Thumb reno warlock Reno Warlock Thumb midrange hunter Midrange Hunter Thumb cthun priest C'Thun Priest
Thumb zoo warlock Zoo Warlock Thumb metadeck shaman Totem Shaman Thumb miracle rogue Miracle Rogue Thumb cthun rogue C'Thun Rogue
Thumb token druid Token Druid Thumb dreadsteed warlock Dreadsteed Warlock
Thumb egg druid Egg Druid
Thumb metadeck warrior Face Warrior
Thumb fatigue mage Fatigue Mage
Thumb handlock Handlock
Thumb hybrid hunter Hybrid Hunter
Thumb metadeck hunter Lock and Load Hunter
Thumb malygos warlock Malygos Rogue
Thumb malygos warlock Malygos Warlock
Thumb mech mage Mech Mage
Thumb midrange druid Midrange Druid
Thumb midrange paladin Midrange Paladin
Thumb mill rogue Mill Rogue
Thumb nzoth paladin N'Zoth Paladin
Thumb nzoth priest N'Zoth Priest
Thumb nzoth rogue N'Zoth Rogue
Thumb oil rogue Oil Rogue
Thumb metadeck warrior OTK Warrior
Thumb patron warrior Patron Warrior
Thumb raptor rogue Raptor Rogue
Thumb metadeck mage Reno Mage
Thumb secret paladin Secret Paladin
Thumb metadeck rogue Tempo Rogue
Thumb tempo warrior Tempo Warrior
Thumb yogg saron rogue Yogg-Saron Rogue

Top Decks to Beat

Standard Format Decks that are being prominently played on the Hearthstone Ladder/Ranked play. Extremely well refined and balanced decks, suitable in any meta.

Top Decks to Watch

Standard Format Decks that have a consistence presence on the ladder. Their prominence is heavily dependent on the meta. When the meta shifts in the right direction, these decks can rise to become the Decks to Beat.

Top Decks to Try

Standard Format Decks that appear sporadically, not expected by the masses. Made of newer deck types or niche decks.

Obscure / Wild Decks

Decks that are no longer viable or are seeing minimal play. Either due to its core cards nerfed or simply not suitable for the current meta, no matter how much the meta shifts.

Also decks that are under the Wild Format can be found here as well.