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Medium basic mage

This Guide Has Moved!

This guide has moved! Mana Crystals is partnering up with Disguised Toast for future Hearthstone content. This guide has moved to its new home and you can find the guide here.

Disguised Toast also have the following Hearthstone information for you to check out:

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Great guide. I created this deck yesterday and have been playing some good matches (against the computer) with it now. The deck (and some beginner guides regarding general game strategics) has surely improved my game:)
One card I find hard to make the best use of is Arcane Missiles. The randomness in it, makes it a bit uncertain to play with I think.

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Love these guides as someone who is just starting my Hearthstone journey. I am curious as to if Forgotten Torch would have a place in the deck.

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Thanks so much for making these guides for us noobs. Looks like these guides were 'updated' for standard by removing all the nax and gvg upgrades. However, no upgrades were added for loe and tog. Please upgrade your guides sheng, the upgrade section is one of the best parts of your guides, keep it up to date!

What do you think of 2x Ironfur Grizzly -> 2x Harvest Golem and 1x Arcane Missles or Sen'jin Shieldmasta -> 1x Faceless Summoner?

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I assume that being that this has been updated may 21 2016, the potential upgrades list is up to date even though it says that hasn't been updated since November 2015?

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Thanks for putting this together. I've been playing with this deck and finally got past level 20. Looking forward to building bigger.

Thumb profile sheng

@TopherNote You're welcome!