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Medium basic druid

This Guide Has Moved!

This guide has moved!! Mana Crystals is partnering up with Disguised Toast for future Hearthstone content. This guide has moved to its new home and you can find the guide here.

Disguised Toast also have the following Hearthstone information for you to check out:

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I have to say this is NOT a good deck, which is surprising since your other guides are so good. I have just built this deck to your specs and played five matches. I find either I don't get innovate or wild growth quick enough or when I do get them in time, I don't get the minions in time to summon. I usually end up losing card advantage by turn 7 and top decking soon after or with way too much mana and not the right cards to play, sacrificing tempo. I have played five matches with this deck and lost each of them handly, which has not happened with your other decks.

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Thanks so much for making these guides for us noobs. Looks like these guides were 'updated' for standard by removing all the nax and gvg upgrades. However, no upgrades were added for loe and tog. Please upgrade your guides sheng, the upgrade section is one of the best parts of your guides, keep it up to date!

What do you think of 1x Mark of the Wild -> 1x Worgen Infiltrator, 1x Ironbark Protector -> 1x Arch-Thief Rafaam, 2x Ironfur Grizzly -> 2x Harvest Golem? Also, is Keeper of the Grove still worth it after the nerf or should it be replaced with something like Harvest Golem?

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Nice guide. Helped me a lot on my first steps and it also will help me choice my main class. Good job.