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Greetings, I’m Sheng, a Legend rank constructed and 7 win-average arena player. I run where our coaches have helped students around the world reach many of these same achievements.

If you’re new to Hearthstone, or just have a limited collection of cards—I feel your pain. It is often difficult to find cheap but viable decks to play on the Hearthstone ladder. Given this dilemma, I’ve set out to help those of you with a limited collection by creating budget decks for each class.


This Standard deck is constructed with only Commons and Rares from the Basic, Classic, and Whispers of the Old Gods card sets. In order to build this deck, you need to fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Reach Level 10 to unlock all of the Basic cards for this class.

  2. Have 920 Dust available for crafting cards you may not have from this deck.

Deck Playstyle

  • Combo Warrior is an extremely fun deck to play, but requires a high-level of skill to play properly. Don't be discouraged if you have trouble winning with this deck initially, because it takes a lot of experience to understand when you should use your removal and when to save it for a more valuable minion.

  • The key to winning with this deck is to plan ahead for a future turn when you can bring your opponent from 20+ health to 0 with a charging Raging Worgen.

Minions - 14

2x Armorsmith

  • Armorsmith is our answer to aggressive decks that like to flood the board early. She provides us with extra armor that is key to surviving until we can pull off our Charge + Raging Worgen combo later in the game. The 4 health of Armorsmith also makes it more likely it survives long enough for us to cast Battle Rage to draw an additional card.

2x Cruel Taskmaster

  • A very flexible minion whose Battlecry can serve as removal when combined with Execute, to draw an additional card with Acolyte of Pain, or to do 4 additional damage to your opponent by buffing a Raging Worgen.

2x Ravaging Ghoul

  • This was Blizzard's alternative to Death's Bite cycling out of the Standard card set. Ravaging Ghoul gives us the potential to clear our opponent's board of low health minions, while triggering Acolyte of Pain and Bloodhoof Brave. You can also use Ravaging Ghoul's Battlecry to setup a giant Battle Rage.

2x Bloodhoof Brave

  • Bloodhoof Brave is a high value minion that provides us with a bit of breathing room against more aggressive decks. While he's not a primary win condition in our deck, if he gets in 4+ damage along with a few Fiery War Axe hits over the course of the game, it's often enough damage to allow us to kill our opponent with a giant combo on turns 8 through 10.

2x Acolyte of Pain

  • One of our primary methods of card draw. We want to draw more than one card from each Acolyte of Pain we play if possible.

2x Raging Worgen

  • Our primary win-condition for our deck. With the nerf to Warsong Commander so that it doesn’t give minions charge, we can enrage and buff this card with Inner Rage, Charge, and Rampage to create a large Raging Worgen to kill our opponent in one turn.

2x Gnomish Inventor

  • Primarily in our deck to contest the board while simultaneously drawing us a card.

Spells - 14

2x Inner Rage

  • A cheap card to enable . Sometimes used as removal in conjunction with Execute. Typically you want to hold on to this to buff your Raging Worgen on a combo turn. It's an extremely key card in our deck because it's free to cast.

2x Execute

  • A card that synergizes with most of the spells in our deck. Allows us to deal with large taunts and big threats.

2x Whirlwind

  • An enabler for our win-condition minions and also a board clear.

2x Battle Rage

  • Battle Rage is a critical spell that allows us to draw into the cards we need to initiate our combo. Typically you'll want to save Battle Rage until you can draw 3+ turns on the same turn.

2x Rampage

  • One of our key cards to buff a Windfuried Raging Worgen. On turn 8, you can cast Raging Worgen + Charge + Inner Rage + Rampage to deal 22 points of damage. On turn 10, you can play two Rampage to deal 28 damage in a single turn.

2x Slam

  • Serves multiple purposes, allowing us to trigger our own minion to draw a card, or can serve as cheap removal.

2x Charge

  • Primarily used as a combo piece with Raging Worgen to kill our opponent in one turn.

Weapons - 2

2x Fiery War Axe

  • A great weapon for establishing control of the board early, but mostly critical to chip away 3 to 6 points of damage on our opponent's life total so we lower the number of Rampage or Inner Rage we need to play to kill our opponent with our combo.

Mulligan Guide

In general, you want to mulligan to setup your first three or four turns. Please note that there is a distinction between going first and going second in Hearthstone, and this should factor into your mulligan choices.

When going first, your advantage is the ability to play first. In addition, you gain mana crystals before your opponent. To take advantage of this, you want to be aggressive in your mulligan to put minions on the board.

When going second, your advantage is mainly The Coin, which gives you tempo over your opponent for a single turn, and also an extra card. Depending on the nature of your deck, whether it’s Aggro, Midrange, or Control, you’ll be looking for different things.

  • When playing an aggro deck, you’ll be looking for the same cards going second as you would going first. The objective is to quickly populate the board and bring down your opponent’s life total.

  • When playing a midrange deck, you’ll also be looking to get onto the board early, with the caveat that you can keep a single copy of a situational minion or spell that you think may be useful to counter an opponent. This might be a minion like Eater of Secrets to counter classes with Secrets or a removal spell like Frostbolt.

  • When playing a control deck, you’re looking to save the coin until much later in the game, generally when you can bring out a large late-game threat earlier than usual.

  • While I won’t make an exhaustive list, these are some of the cards you should consider keeping in your opening hand when playing this deck. In general, your goal with this deck is to get onto the board as soon as possible. It’s important to dig for an early 1 or 2 mana minion to play so you can begin to pressure your opponent’s life total.


  • 2 Mana: Armorsmith
  • 3 Mana: Acolyte of Pain, Ravaging Ghoul (Against Paladin and Warlock)
  • 4 Mana: Gnomish Inventor


  • 1 Mana: Whirlwind (Against Paladin and Warlock)
  • 2 Mana: Slam


  • 2 Mana: Fiery War Axe

Gameplay Video

Sheng's Budget Standard Combo Warrior


Here are some substitutions that will improve this budget deck. If you’re looking to craft cards to play this class, it’s best to start with the Key Substitutions first before working your way to the Nice-to-Have Substitutions. Unless stated otherwise, you can substitute a single copy of an upgrade card instead of two if you don’t have both.

Key Substitutions

  • 2x Bloodhoof Brave → 2x Grim Patron

Coaching Lessons

If you’re interested in reaching Legend rank, or earning unlimited gold from arena, my team at would love to help! We’ve provided over a thousand hours of excellent coaching to students around the world. Banner

Want to Become Better at Other Games?

I also run, where our top coaches will develop a personal plan for you to achieve your dreams in other games. Personal lessons are an in-depth experience and most students improve significantly after just one full session!


I hope you enjoyed this guide! If you have questions, feel free to ask in the comment sections below.

Comments (13)

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Thumb avatar placeholder

So, with Charge being nerfed now, and no longer allows the Worgen to attack the Hero, I suppose the Kor'Kron Elite or even Leeroy Jenkins can be used instead?

Is this deck even viable at all?

Thumb avatar placeholder

I found this list of combos/damage/mana costs on Heartpwn:

Raging Worgen + Charge + Inner Rage = 16 damage, 6 mana
Raging Worgen + Charge + Inner Rage + Inner Rage = 20 damage, 6 mana
Raging Worgen + Charge + Inner Rage + Rampage = 22 damage, 8 mana
Raging Worgen + Charge + Inner Rage + Inner Rage + Rampage = 26 damage, 8 mana
Raging Worgen + Charge + Inner Rage + Rampage + Rampage = 28 damage, 10 mana
Raging Worgen + Charge + Inner Rage + Inner Rage + Rampage + Rampage = 32 damage, 10 mana
Raging Worgen + Charge + Taskmaster = 16 damage, 8 mana
Raging Worgen + Charge + Taskmaster + Inner Rage = 20 damage, 8 mana
Raging Worgen + Charge + Taskmaster + Inner Rage + Rampage = 26 damage, 10 mana

Thumb avatar placeholder

Oh man, this deck is great! In my 1st game with it, I did 30dmg on face in one turn with Worgen! Thanks for showing this deck! Hope for more! :D

Thumb avatar placeholder

Really fun deck! But I would like to make room for Grommash. What card should I trade for it?

Thumb avatar placeholder

got to rank 15 again with this deck - thanks Sheng!

also wanted to add in your coaching notes above - try to save executes for killing taunts which totally mess up the one turn kill game plan

Thumb avatar placeholder

Took me a while to get used to how this plays, but I like it. Just about to buy the 1st wing of Blackrock for Patron. Question though! Would Emperor Thaurissan fit in here? And if so what should I replace it with?

Thumb profile sheng

@Elazul Emperor Thaurissan is a great card, but it's not needed in this deck. Unless it's a matchup against another Warrior, you'll have enough damage with the combo pieces at 8-10 mana to kill your opponent.

Thumb avatar placeholder

awesome deck sheng! i finally got above rank 15 (now on 14) using this deck.

before wotog i was using a bloodlust shaman deck that aimed to control the board before a OTK with bloodlust. so this deck's play style really suits me - thumbs up for yet another solid deck bro

Thumb profile sheng

@rank15orbust Awesome! Thanks for sharing your success :)

Thumb avatar placeholder

I have all BrM cards. What upgrades should I do?

Thumb profile sheng

@gbsfranca Just substitute Bloodhoof Brave for Grim Patron. Finley might fit too. You can substitute a copy of Cruel Taskmaster for him.

Thumb images

I've been tweaking a deck similar to this for a few weeks now. Running a Grim Patron x2 instead of the Bloodhound Brave already and I subbed out 1 Rampage and 1 Gnomish Inventor for 1 Brawl and 1 Doomsayer. They're outside of the limit of your dust cost but both are effective board clears and Doomsayer can sometimes buy you a turn to pull off your combo if the opponent is trying to deal with it to not lose their minions. The best part about this deck is that no one suspects the Raging Worgen Combo because once they're in the range of 20ish life you just need one turn to throw that thing down and most people aren't frantically trying to protect their Hero when they have 15-22 points of health left.

Thumb profile sheng

@sphedicl Thanks for sharing your experience playing Combo Warrior! Yeah, it's a deck most people don't expect. There's so many variations of Warrior on the ladder that the element of surprise is really helpful.