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Greetings, I’m Sheng, a Legend rank constructed and 7 win-average arena player. I run where our coaches have helped students around the world reach many of these same achievements.

If you’re new to Hearthstone, or just have a limited collection of cards—I feel your pain. It is often difficult to find cheap but viable decks to play on the Hearthstone ladder. Given this dilemma, I’ve set out to help those of you with a limited collection by creating budget decks for each class.


This Standard deck is constructed with only Commons and Rares from the Basic, Classic, and Whispers of the Old Gods card sets. In order to build this deck, you need to fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Reach Level 10 to unlock all of the Basic cards for this class.

  2. Have 1600 Dust available for crafting cards you may not have from this deck.

Deck Playstyle

  • C'Thun Rogue is a deck that combines aspects of Tempo Rogue with C'Thun Midrange decks. C'Thun's support minions provide mana efficient threats throughout the game, while helping build C'Thun into a late game win condition.

  • Rogue's plethora of spells provides flexible ways to control the board, and cards like Journey Below and Undercity Huckster allow us to "cheat" our budget deck's dust limit, by providing Epics and Legendaries we may not have in our collection.

Minions - 21

2x Undercity Huckster

  • If you value card draw at 1 mana, Undercity Huckster provides pretty good value, while giving us the versatility of a spell (albeit a random one) from our opponent's class when he dies.

2x Beckoner of Evil

  • A standard 2 mana for 2/3 minion that buffs your C'Thun. What's not to like?

2x Disciple of C'Thun

  • While Disciple of C'Thun doesn't have the strongest body, it's ability to deal 2 damage to any target is extremely valuable. However, you'll want to throw away Disciple of C'Thun for a stronger play on turn 3, as he doesn't provide a very strong board presence. Generally, you'll want to avoid playing him onto an empty board just to deal 2 damage to your opponent's face, unless it's for lethal or to setup for C'Thun on the following turn.

2x SI:7 Agent

  • SI7-Agent is the best 3 mana minion for Rogue. You’ll generally want to save him for a turn when you can pay a cheap spell or minion to combo him with. If you start with The Coin, you can play him out on turn 2 to kill an opponent’s 3/2 for an early tempo lead.

2x Twilight Elder

  • Twilight Elder is an extremely efficient play on turn 3. With 3/4 in stats for 3 mana, he easily passes the Vanilla Test for minions. He also acts as a pseudo-taunt as most opponents will try to kill him quickly to minimize how large your C'Thun can get.

2x C'Thun's Chosen

  • C'Thun's Chosen is an older brother to Scarlet Crusader. The one big advantage to C'Thun's Chosen is the fact that he has 2 health instead of 1, meaning he's unlikely to die to a single Arcane Missiles or a Fireblast Hero Power from a Mage after his Divine Shield has been popped.

2x Sen'jin Shieldmasta

  • Sen'jin Shieldmasta is our answer to early aggression. While a case could be made to play C'Thun's Chosen at this slot, I've found that it's been relatively easy to buff C'Thun to 10 attack, and it's more valuable to have a taunt out earlier against aggro.

2x Southsea Squidface

  • Southsea Squidface has a reasonable body at 4/4, but it's his free Deadly Poison effect that provides us with some extra reach and versatility that leads to his inclusion. Sometimes you'll want to have a weapon equipped before you play him onto the board just in case he dies on your opponent's turn.

2x Azure Drake

  • A versatile minion that provides card draw and spell damage together. Our damage spells become much more effective with Azure Drake on the board.

2x Skeram Cultist

  • Skeram Cultist passes the vanilla test while buffing our C'Thun. His 7/6 body provides an alternative win condition for us.

1x C'Thun

  • Thank you Blizzard for providing us with a free Legendary with Wrath of the Old Gods! You'll receive C'Thun and two Beckoner of Evil as a free reward after opening your first Wrath of the Old Gods booster pack. So long as the deck is built around him, C'Thun can win games on the turn he is played with just his Battlecry alone.

Spells - 9

2x Backstab

  • Amazing tempo card. Can often kill a 2 mana minion by itself.

2x Journey Below

  • A versatile card that can help us combo a spell or a minion. Journey allows us to "cheat" our dust budget by providing more expensive Legendary cards that might be helpful later in the game Xaril, Poisoned Mind and Sylvanas Windrunner come to mind.

2x Eviscerate

  • While the Combo can sometimes be tricky to pull off, 4 damage for 2 mana is extremely efficient, and can provide the reach to kill off more expensive minions or to kill your opponent outright.

1x Sap

  • Because this card is fairly situational, we only run one copy. Its cheap casting cost means you can play Sap and a few other minions on the same turn. I keep this card in my starting hand against Druid to bounce back big taunts.

2x Fan of Knives

  • Our tool against decks that like to play many 1 health minions (Hunter, Zoo Warlock, Aggro Paladin).

Mulligan Guide

In general, you want to mulligan to setup your first three or four turns. Please note that there is a distinction between going first and going second in Hearthstone, and this should factor into your mulligan choices.

When going first, your advantage is the ability to play first. In addition, you gain mana crystals before your opponent. To take advantage of this, you want to be aggressive in your mulligan to put minions on the board.

When going second, your advantage is mainly The Coin, which gives you tempo over your opponent for a single turn, and also an extra card. Depending on the nature of your deck, whether it’s Aggro, Midrange, or Control, you’ll be looking for different things.

  • When playing an aggro deck, you’ll be looking for the same cards going second as you would going first. The objective is to quickly populate the board and bring down your opponent’s life total.

  • When playing a midrange deck, you’ll also be looking to get onto the board early, with the caveat that you can keep a single copy of a situational minion or spell that you think may be useful to counter an opponent. This might be a minion like Eater of Secrets to counter classes with Secrets or a removal spell like Frostbolt.

  • When playing a control deck, you’re looking to save the coin until much later in the game, generally when you can bring out a large late-game threat earlier than usual.

  • While I won’t make an exhaustive list, these are some of the cards you should consider keeping in your opening hand when playing this deck. In general, your goal with this deck is to get onto the board as soon as possible. It’s important to dig for an early 1 or 2 mana minion to play so you can begin to pressure your opponent’s life total.


  • 2 Mana: Beckoner of Evil, Undercity Huckster
  • 3 Mana: Twilight Elder, SI:7 Agent (With Backstab or The Coin)


  • 0 Mana: Backstab
  • 1 Mana: Journey Below
  • 2 Mana: Sap (Against Druid)
  • 3 Mana: Fan of Knives (Against Paladin and Warlock)

Gameplay Video

Sheng's Budget Standard C'Thun Rogue


Here are some substitutions that will improve this budget deck. If you’re looking to craft cards to play this class, it’s best to start with the Key Substitutions first before working your way to the Nice-to-Have Substitutions. Unless stated otherwise, you can substitute a single copy of an upgrade card instead of two if you don’t have both.

Key Substitutions

  • 2x Southsea Squidface → 2x Crazed Worshipper
  • 1x Skeram Cultist → 1x Twin Emperor Vek'lor

Nice-to-Have Substitutions

  • 1x Skeram Cultist → 1x Sylvanas Windrunner

Coaching Lessons

If you’re interested in reaching Legend rank, or earning unlimited gold from arena, my team at would love to help! We’ve provided over a thousand hours of excellent coaching to students around the world. Banner

Want to Become Better at Other Games?

I also run, where our top coaches will develop a personal plan for you to achieve your dreams in other games. Personal lessons are an in-depth experience and most students improve significantly after just one full session!


I hope you enjoyed this guide! If you have questions, feel free to ask in the comment sections below.

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Thumb avatar placeholder

Azure drake is unusable in standard, what should i substitute for it?

Thumb avatar placeholder

I just recently got Bloodmage Thalnos and was thinking it might be worth adding to this deck for synergy with backstab, eviscerate and fan of knives. Would you recommend using it or not? If so what should it replace (undercity huckster?)? I have added a twin emperor and a crazed worshipper (sadly, I have only one).

Thumb avatar placeholder

Thumb avatar placeholder

Hello. I managed to get the Dark Iron Skulker from BRM and I wanted to ask you which card could I replace with Dark Iron Skulker?

Thumb avatar placeholder

Do you think, if you own LoE, it is better to switch Southsea Squidface with Tomb Pillager?

Thumb avatar placeholder

This deck isn't very good against other weapon classes. Every loss I've had since using this deck was against shaman and warriors and their weapons... This deck offers no way to deal with them. Which cards can I swap out for oozes?

Thumb avatar placeholder

Should i replace a squidface with brann?

Thumb avatar placeholder

Hey. I managed to get Xaril from a pack is there any card in this deck that I could substitute for Xaril

Thumb profile sheng

@HS420 Southsea Squidface.

Thumb avatar placeholder

How would you further upgrade this deck?

Thumb avatar placeholder

@Sheng Any suggestions for further upgrades BEYOND those mentioned in the article?

Thumb profile sheng

@realt Check out the Upgrades section on the article ;)