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Why Reno? Why C'thun?

Warlock Zoo, the bane of hearthstone ladder. Oh wait, this isn't a Zoo guide. If you are here, then you must be looking for an awesome control deck in Warlock!

So why Reno? Reno Jackson is an anchor for Warlock because of it's powerful ability to fully heal your hero. This helps you greatly by getting you to the late game against aggro decks and making value life taps/trades against midrange/control decks without worrying about your health.

So why C'Thun? C'Thun is the mascot of the new set Whispers of the Old Gods. It is tied with N'Zoth, the Corruptor as the best legendary in the set. C'thun acts as a decent board clear and a great threat/finisher. It's also FREE!

This is a control Warlock deck using a Reno skeleton as the base. I recommend only using one of each card when building your Reno deck since you want to increase the consistency of Reno. A lot of the cards that I chose help me play against aggressive decks better since my meta is filled with Zoo Warlock and Aggro Shaman. Many cards are replaceable because the choices you make in your deck should reflect the meta you are facing.

Card by Card Explanation

Mortal Coil

This card is used mainly to either kill a 1 health minion for free (Abusive Sergeant, Fiery Bat) or to finish off a big minion after a Hellfire or Demonwrath. The effect might be too small to be worth a spot in the deck, but it really shines against very aggressive decks. REPLACEABLE

Dark Peddler

The best two drop for Warlock hands down. There are many powerful 1 mana cards to choose from that you might otherwise not include in your deck: Abusive Sergeant, Mortal Coil, Soulfire, Power Overwhelming, Shifter Zerus. The discovery mechanic is great because it doesn't take cards from your deck which will lessen the chance that you will fatigue. CORE

Acidic Swamp Ooze

The budget version of Harrison Jones. However, in this type of deck, Ooze is the better choice. This deck doesn't need anymore card draw since you have Life Tap as your hero power. Against Shaman, you want to save it for Doomhammer. Against Warrior, save it for Gorehowl (Use it on Fiery War Axe only if you really have to). Against Paladin, try to save it for Tirion Fordring's Ashbringer. If not, then knocking off a Truesilver Champion is still good value. REPLACEABLE

Beckoner of Evil

Very good early game card for C'Thun Warlock. This will buff your C'Thun and put a decent body on board Turn 2. Use this to trade against aggressive decks and as a small threat against midrange/control decks. It's also free. CORE


The new star of control decks in Standard. With the loss of many good early game cards in Standard, Doomsayer finally got it's time to shine. This card is amazing in regaining tempo/advantage against aggro decks. Imagine playing this card right after the opponent has played a Tunnel Trogg or Flame Imp. Play it as a two drop and they either have to kill it, or skip their entire turn. At worse it gains you 7 life. At best it clears the board for 2 mana. REPLACEABLE

Brann Bronzebeard

This card will double the value of your battlecry minions in the deck. They are Dark Peddler, Disciple of C'Thun, Earthen Ring Farseer, C'Thun's Chosen, Defender of Argus, Twilight Drake, Cult Apothecary, Twin Emperor Vek'lor, C'Thun. It is very powerful using it as a combo with one of the cards above. Only play it naked on the board if you have no other choice. REPLACEABLE


One of the weaker board clears in the deck. The only reason that you would play this card is if you are struggling against aggressive decks. It is not as good as Hellfire in clearing the board, but it costs 1 mana less and has no life loss. If you are facing a midrange/control meta, I recommend taking this card out. REPLACEABLE

Disciple of C'Thun

Easily the best of the C'Thun support cards. This card is so good that some non-C'Thun decks have it in their lists. The ability to kill a small minion and have a body on board is a powerful tempo play. This card will help you in getting rid of pesky minions like Flame Imp or Knife Juggler. CORE

Earthen Ring Farseer

Three mana 3/3 that heals 3. This card is very good against aggressive decks because it does what we want: Gaining Life and Tempo. All around good card that will help your game against aggro. REPLACEABLE

Imp Gang Boss

A solid 3 drop that deals with many early game cards. This card helps you stay on the board in the early game with its ability to create 1/1 imps when damaged. This guarantees that you get at least 1 imp when trading with enemy minions. REPLACEABLE

Shadow Bolt

This is a card that did not see much play before Standard. With the loss of Darkbomb, Warlock needs a cheap removal for early/mid minions. This card fits perfectly because it answers so many problem minions with only 3 mana (ex.Flamewaker, Totem Golem) CORE

Twilight Elder

Another good 3 drop that allows you to trade efficiently while also guaranteeing a +1/+1 to C'Thun. Do not go out of your way to keep this alive in order to buff C'Thun. Keeping it alive is not as important as controlling the board. CORE

C'Thun's Chosen
Defender of Argus
Twilight Drake
Bane of Doom
Cult Apothecary
Usher of Souls
Emperor Thaurissan
Reno Jackson
Siphon Soul
Sylvanas Windrunner
Twin Emperor Vek'lor
Ragnaros the Firelord
Twisting Nether
Lord Jaraxxus


This section will include details on EVERY card in the deck. Will work on soon.

Card Replacements/Other Options

This section will include cards that could be included in the deck. Will work on after "Card by Card Explanation"

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Wow...great guide *_*

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Looks great so far! Is there a budget version of this deck?

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This deck is very hard to make into a budget deck, but i will try and include some options in the guide.