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Why Gnarkill Tempo Pirate?

About the past month or so, manacrystals has had the Pirate deck as a "Decks to Watch". I think today, that changes! I think that this will push it to "Decks to Beat". This should push it into the strong meta!

This deck has all the tools of an aggro pirate from the past, but adds a mid game push element too! The pirate warrior no longer rolls over and dies after turn 5 or 6. In the past, pirate decks are very much an aggro deck. Pirate decks of old would play all cards very quickly, and then have nothing left in hand. My pirate deck offers a very fast paced aggro push, and backs it up with strong synergy, large minions, and a legit mid game.

About yer Captain!

I really enjoy the control decks, Yogg/Maly Druid, C'thun Warrior, I even like the Control Shaman. But sometimes a 15-25 min duel isnt what I wanna do. Sometimes I just wanna jump in for 5 min, wreck face and call it a match. The Aggro Shaman is no longer a thing, and I always felt the Pirate Warrior was always lacking just a bit. Gadgetzan came out and changed it all! Several cards in this expansion are fairly important additions!

This is my first deck I have posted. I have thought about doing this for a while, but I had nothing super original. Pirate decks in general aren't terribly original, but I have found a few key cards in the new expansion that are game changers, and I feel this warrants a deck guide to let people know! After winning game after game after game with this deck today, I had to hop on and make this guide!

I have always been a pirate guy. Some people are zombie guys, ninja guys... I am a pirate guy. The Pirate deck has been good in the past, today it just got a ton better!

A quick apology about the deck guide, I know the mana cost is off. It says its only 4200, and its much higher than that. Also, I was able to tag all the new cards, but it appears that manacrystals doesn't have the photos for them yet.

New Carrrrrds to the Deck!

Patches the Pirate

This guy is a fun one. Although he is just a 1/1, he is a tempo card for sure. Make sure he isn't in your opening hand so you can get the most out of him.

Hobart Grapplehammer

When I first saw this card as Blizzard was showing them off one by one, I thought to myself... THAT IS GOING IN MY PIRATE DECK! Yes, this card I would rate a 10 out of 10! Typical Pirate decks run 4 weapons, I am running 5. Thats a huge buff to one of the keystones of the deck!

Brass Knuckles

At first, I thought this card was just okay. I am not quite sure what made me decide to put this in the deck, but when I did, I realized it is NEVER coming out! I started out with just one, but quickly realized I needed a second. Sure, a 2/3 weapon for 4 mana does seem overpriced. The ability to add a +1/+1 to a minion tho is real nice. Something the deck has lacked in the past was bigger creatures. This one helps out a ton! Cards like Upgrade!, Bloodsail Cultist and Captain Greenskin keep the Brass Knuckles alive, and buffing your low mana minions. In a deck where you can burn out by turn 5 or 6, Brass Knuckles offers exceptional sustain to an aggro deck!

Naga Corsair

5/4 for 4 mana, giving me a +1 attack to the weapon? Yes please!

Caaaaards I didn't put in!

Grimestreet Pawnbroker

This one just doesn't do it for me. I think you could add this one in the deck and be just fine. But I don't like that the weapon needs to be in your hand. I think the Bloodsail Cultist is just a better version. Holding onto my weapon so I can play this 3/3 just isn't how I would play. I think it slows tempo down.

Small-Time Buccaneer

Seeing this card at launch, seemed like a no brainer! 1/2 for 1 mana?!? And he gets a +2 attack with a weapon out? While he is good, I like the mana curve of the deck that I built, and I prefer N'Zoth's First Mate if I am gonna drop first turn and reveal that I am either a Dragon Warrior or a Pirate Warrior. If I drop a pirate first turn, its obvious and they go full defensive.

Faerie Dragon

I have liked this one in the past. I don't always like to come out guns blazing saying "I AM A PIRATE". And this one can throw the enemy off thinking that it may be a Dragon Warrior. But too many good cards in the new expansion that have better synergy, this just had to go.

Argent Horserider

Universally, a great card! And this one could go in the deck no problem too. But when I was making my final cuts, it just did not seem as powerful as other cards I had on my list.

Southsea Captain

Out of all the omissions, this is likely to be the first one back into my deck. In the past, a pirate deck has had no real synergy. So their was no real reason to use a synergy card like this. NOW, with all the growing monsters from Brass Knuckles, you can have some scary looking pirates. This one is out... for now. But if you play around with it and put him back in, I would totally understand!

Arcanite Reaper

In any given Pirate deck, you will find two of these. In my deck, you only find one. They are great, but I would rather have two copies of Brass Knuckles.

Tips Matey!

  • Brass Knuckles is king! Get your weapon upgrade cards ready for Brass Knuckles! Put them all on this bad boy! The natural pirate way is to just keep hammering your opponent with a weapon, and now you get to do that while growing your minions!

  • Wait for the right moment to reveal that you are a pirate. Don't be dropping a Southsea Deckhand first turn, you are taking away its advantages and giving away that you are an aggro deck. Same goes for Bloodsail Raider, if you don't have a weapon in place, then she is losing her advantage, and you just revealed that you are an aggro deck.

  • N'Zoth's First Mate is an excellent first turn drop, and if you have Patches the Pirate, it becomes a great first turn drop. Instant annoying pressure.

  • Try to save Mortal Strike for the winning blow. Note that if you are under 12 health that it does extra damage. Use this to your advantage!

  • Enemy taunt cards will ruin you! Fortunately, Brass Knuckles will produce larger minions for you to keep up.

  • Pay no attention to hard removals like Hex, Polymorph or Execute. These cards are no threat to you. Instead, pay attention to board wipes like Lightning Storm Hellfire and Swipe.

  • Sir Finley Mrrgglton Battlecry selection, every hero power can be used, and every situation is different. That being said, I typically prioritize like this. Hunter, Warlock, Mage, Druid, Rogue, Paladin and Priest. Shaman is generally worthless in this deck.

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