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Hey fellas (and Lady), this is a very standard midrange deck except for one key cog in the beautiful Middank shaman machine; Justicar Trueheart.

You may be asking me, why Justicar instead of Harrison or another mana tide? and to that I say, those are both based on card draw, in my experience it can be a little overkill, so why not switch it up? Harrison has a bonus function of destroying weapons which can be absolutely game changing, but... Justicar can do quite the same thing. How you ask? Do you ever wonder how frustrated a warrior who has equipped gore howl or fiery war axe gets after you high roll a taunt totem? What if you roll out taunt totems everytime they want to smash your beautiful minions? Warriors turn in their beds at night filled with nightmares about this very scenario. Have you ever found yourself needing a spellpower activation for spirit claws or maelstrom or lightning storm or well- I think you get the point. Don't pack extra spell power minions like kobold. Those little guys are nothing compared to your 100% chance of a spell power totem when you need it!

Long Story short- midrange shaman is more heavily based on spell power than ever before, lets get an unlimited tap into spell power through our totems.

I cannot tell you how many times my opponent does the wow... emote after Justicar makes her dazzling appearance onto the stage. She doesn't like the sarcasm in your opponents voices as they doubt her.

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