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Why did I Choose To Add The Curator

I recently have gotten my first 500 wins with a class and received the golden Hunter. I am very exited about this accomplishment because I have not been playing strait meta hunter decks in the past. I never played Face, and I always like to take my own version of mid hunter decks. This has been my most recent deck and this is what I was playing when I got my golden hunter deck.

I have been playing all different forms of mid hunter ever sense I started playing back in the beta. Hunters biggest problem has always been that it has a lack of cycle. This is crucial in the late game for 2 reasons. The less important reason is that playing hunter can get very boring when you are just waiting to get a good and lucky draw in the late game. The more important reason is that one should have cycle so that they can more effectively have a strong card in the late game so that you can finish the game. I have always looked for good ways to add draw potential to my mid hunter decks. Over the years I am proud to say that the curator is by far the best draw mechanic that hunter has gotten sense the nerf to buzzard.

Versus Aggro Decks

Aggro is passably the hardest ark type that my hunter has to deal with. Always mulligan heavily for Fiery Bat, Bilefin Tidehunter, King's Elekk. If you already have at least one of these cards then you can keep Faerie Dragon, quickshot, Eaglehorn bow, or Unleash The Hounds. Never keep Kindly Grandmother when you are going first. This card is too slow against aggro at turn 2 but it is decent if you can coin it out on turn 1. Durnuing the game always try to make the moist efficient trades and try to take as little damage in the early game because you can easily take the board in the mid or late game. Use your Tindehunter and Curator carefully so that you can block their high damage burst turns.

Versus Midrange Decks

Mid range is much easier to play against than aggro. I would keep Quickshot against classes such as Mage, Priest, and Shaman were they commonly play a 1 drop with 3 heath. For the other classes I would mulligan for any 1 though 2 cost cards excluding quickshot; you can also keep animal companion, and eaglehorn. Throughout the game make most trades but occasionally hit face when you can (cause that is what hunter does). If you don't win the early game or midgame don't worry. The Curator can give you crucial draws in the later game and Azure Drake can give you stronger burst damage with Quick Shot and Kill Command.

Versus Control Decks

This deck easily beats control match ups and even has a 100% win rate against Merlock Paladin. For the Mulligan I would say it is the same as if you are playing against a mid ranged deck. Against control decks play it like a more agressive hunter deck and go face most of the time, but do trade when necessary. Also never overextend your board control and try to have around 3 minions on board. Most of the time when I losses against a control deck is when I put too many minions on the board and they clear my board.

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Thumb wowlegion1

Nice reasons. The deck itself is very well structured around the card draws through the Curator, due to the fact that you can spend your hand off recklessly without having any cards to play at all. I think that your Call of the Wild is the finisher, as it's the most expensive card here as of now. The deck is very midrange and control centered, and I can see why there's a 100% win rate against Murlocadin; you end up drawing Unleash the Hounds every once in a while. Synergy here is great and well demonstrated. Love this deck, and I think I'll try it out too.

Oh, and one other high did you get in the ladder?