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Hello, I'm TracerNx and I'm a new hearthstone player. I recently got Edwin VanCleef and I thought about sharing this deck I made around him so here it is!


  1. Reach level 10 for the rogue

2.Have 2120 dust for crafting any cards you don't have (520 if you already have VanCleef)

How to play

This deck focuses on 2 cards: Questing Adventurer and Edwin VanCleef. The questing adventurer just in case you don't get VanCleef early on.

This deck focuses on finishing of the enemy mid game with a huge VanCleef or Questing Adventurer

Cards (Neutral)

Leper Gnome (2) : A nice 1 drop. Useful for doing combos or ramming into the enemy

Stonetusk Boar (2): Useful for early game face damage

Acidic Swamp Ooze (2): Really? If your asking why, destroy your opponent's weapon, 3 atk 2 hp, Its a great card!

Frostwolf Grunt (2): One of the few taunts in the deck. A useful combo: shadowstep + 2-cost minion + summon + VanCleef + other cards = profit!

Bluegill Warrior (2): A bit more useful than the Grunt for machine gunning to the face. Same combo for this card as well.

Questing Adventurer(2) : Slightly weaker than VanCleef but you have a higher chance of getting this (kinda). An obvious choice for the deck since you can't always get VanCleef early on.

Dread Corsair (2): Why this over Ironfur Grizzly? You get a Dagger + Deadly Poison = 1 cost pirate. If you have an Assassin's Blade and deadly poison, it could make a nice combo.

Cards (Class)

Backstab (2): A great early removal card and a nice card for combos.

Shadowstep (2): Use this for combos or to make VanCleef cheaper for later.

Conceal (2): Use this after playing VanCleef or Questing Adventurer so they can avoid removal.

Deadly Poison (2): To make your Dread Corsair cheaper and to buff your weapons

Sap (2): To get rid of some pesky cards on the way. Pro tip: Don't use this on minions that have a useful battlecry.

Shiv (2): A cheap card that can finish off some minions draw you a card

Edwin VanCleef (1): Can become a beast on turn 4-5 with the correct combo.

Assassins Blade (2): A replacement for the wicked knife. Deadly poison will let you deal high damage and get free Dread Corsairs

Sprint (1): Just in case you run out of steam later on


Anyway, if the deck build looks bad, you can always edit it. If you enjoyed, why not switch it up a bit?

Comments (4)

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Sjow questing rogue

Thumb icon steam

I would add a section on what cards to add as you gain more dust.
Leeroy is a strong candidate who isn't that hard to fit in. Double prep might be a little tricker and is generally better with Auctioneer (I'd probably something like assasin's blade), but people used to run double prep double sprint in the good ol' days so I don't think it's unreasonable.

Really nice budget deck overall.

Thumb wowlegion1

Not actually bad. Have you considered cards like Bladed Cultist, as well as some other Combo cards? This deck is somehow really good at empowering minions in the late game by playing lots of cards, and I think adding more Combos will make this deck better.

Thumb wowlegion1

Oh and let me also suggest Cold Blood and Eviscerate, because those are really cheap cards that can empower the purpose and damage of this deck. Probably do that in place of the boar and the frostwolf grunt.