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What this deck is

This deck is basically those for the people that made a decent amount of money and spent it on the first wing of both LoE and Kara. While it has a lack of Malchezaar's Imp, what some people would say is the lifeblood of any disco deck, it is actually viable, and has gotten to higher ranks such as ranks 17-15, which is fairly high, considering the standards. I've tried Sea Giant with this..didn't work. This deck is able to pursue the enemy at an aggro-like pace, but this deck is a bit slower than the normal zoo; you get a lethal at around turn 9-10, while most zoos have a lethal at around 7-8. Here I will show you how to play my zoo, and not hate it just because it doesn't have Malch's Imp.

How to play Phazzy's Discozoo

This discozoo mainly focuses on getting lethals faster and being able to fill up your hand to supply yourself with fresh minions to send onto the battlefield. This deck can recover well from strong AoE such as Flamestrike or Holy Nova, which is hard to do on normal zoolocks. These minions have a larger DPS sum, and that's kind of why these kinds of decks are slightly slower than others.

Focus on the synergies you're able to make; you'll only hurt yourself if you discard recklessly just to buff your Tiny Knight of Evil. For example, if you have both Darkshire Councilman in your hand and you draw Forbidden Ritual on the next turn, DON'T coin into Doomguard and discard both of those good cards.

There are specific decks that you'll win pretty quickly against, and there are some you're almost guaranteed to lose at, but don't be down on yourself! Even the best decks have really bad matchups, and this deck is no different.

KNOW YOUR SYNERGIES. This deck's lifeblood is all on synergies and buffs, along with manageable board control. If you do, you'll be able to top a LOT of games, and that's no lie.

For matchups, view the decklist.

The cards

1: Darkshire Librarian - This card is well known and put in many discolocks because of its deathrattle of drawing a card after discarding one.

2: Tiny Knight of Evil - This guy is another snowballer in a way, and should be put in a discolock because of its buff after a discard occurs. The more you get rid of, the powerful he becomes, but don't focus too much on buffing him as you'll recklessly get rid of cards that way and just waste them.

3: Silverware Golem - This guy can be played as early as turn 1 if you have Soulfire in your starting hand and you're the luckier type. You can play him normally as well, but if your hand ends up having only one Doomguard and two of've already gone ahead another turn.

4: Doomguard - This guy is a huge badass right here. He discards two cards, allowing your Tiny Knight of Evil to gain +2/+2 almost instantly, and potentially summoning Silverware Golem in the process. Plus, he's a 5 mana 5/7 Charge drop, making him even more of a badass.

5: Soulfire - This card, having cheap burst damage and a discard synergy, is a good 1 mana cast. Seriously, even Fireball can't match to this baby's standards.

I've only stated the cards that have discards and those that benefit from discards. Hope you like this deck, and see you sometime! Good luck, and have fun!

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