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The objective of this type of Aggro Mage is to min/max the damage you deal to your opponent. I recommend keeping a list of all potential spell damage you have in your deck, how much card draw you have, and make plays based on the probability of drawing the final burn cards you need to close out the match. Planning correctly could mean securing a win a couple turns early.

After spending the better part of this month experimenting with all iterations of freeze mage, I wanted to see how much of it I could strip away in order to have the fastest win rate. So for the version that doesn't use Ice Block as a safety net, this has given me the fastest and most reliable card draw and spell damage.

Without the freeze package, board control becomes a little more difficult if you want to allocate only a limited amount of spells to it. Think of all the minions as a secondary form of face damage dealt steadily over the course of the match, and control the board accordingly.

Approach this deck with the same mind set as you would an actual Freeze Mage - plan ahead and save up combo pieces for the final burst finish. Meticulously min/max-ing is very rewarding with this list!


  • Babbling Book - Great as a turn-one play, easily fills your mana curve, and is usually never a bad top deck.

  • Ice Lance - To be used as a combo finisher along with Frostbolt. If it's absolutely necessary, can be used to freeze a large or problematic minion for a turn.

  • Mana Wyrm - One of, if not the best one-mana minions in the game and is able to snowball for a massive amount of damage if left unchecked.

  • Mirror Image - Used to protect minions in the early game, or in place of Ice Block stall the match for another turn.

  • Bloodmage Thalnos - Spell damage and card draw in a single minion. Used as a win condition to combo with Frostbolt, Ice Lance, Roaring Torch, and other spells. Sometimes it's necessary to one-turn-kill an opponent with a high amount of health. If that's the case, plan ahead and save all the combo pieces as well as a Sorcerer's Apprentice for that final burst.

  • Frostbolt - Best saved to combo with Ice Lance.

  • Loot Hoarder - A great minion to play on turn two. Draws a card, and with its one health could be used to force the opponent to try to kill it, in turn losing tempo.

  • Novice Engineer - Draws a card. Just like Babbling Book, is a 1/1 minion that chips away damage and often forces the opponent to remove it.

  • Sorcerer's Apprentice - Among Innervate and Emperor Thaurissan as the best mana-cheating cards in the game.

  • Acolyte of Pain - Massive amount of potential card draw, and forces the opponent to deal with it immediately. Even playing it on turn three just to draw one card is beneficial.

  • Arcane Intellect - A spell card which allows you to draw two new cards.

  • Flamewaker - Combos well with Coin + Mirror Image. Offers both great board control, and an immense amount of damage to the opponent if they have no minions. This is essentially the proactive replacement for Ice Block in terms of reducing the amount of turns required to win the match instead of stalling.

  • Forgotten Torch - Best played as a form of board control in the early game. Essentially puts a cost-reduced Fireball in the deck that acts as a win condition when drawn.

  • Fireball - 4 Mana, 6 damage.

  • Azure Drake - Arguably the best non-legendary minion in the game. Draws a card, drops a decently sized minion on the board, and provides extra spell damage.

  • Archmage Antonidas - Used to generate enough Fireballs to finish the match. Put in the deck as a backup against unfavorable/difficult match ups.


If you have any questions about card choices or replacements, leave a comment and I'll do my best to explain!


  • I've had some success removing both Acolytes, Azure Drakes and one Novice Engineer; replacing them with Coldlight Oracles, Arcane Blasts and Emperor Thaurissan. This is letting me pull of a lot more combos, even reaching for lethal far faster than I expected - all while having some semblance of board control. Still testing though.

I further refined the list to be pure aggro nonsense. It doesn't have that same "freeze mage-lite" feel this deck has, but performs a bit more consistently as it is less reliant on keeping Ice Lance solely for comboing with Frostbolt.

Frolics' Aggro Mage:

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