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A casual control deck that takes advantage of some of the less used paladin cards by creating a synergy engine. Ultimately, it's about buying time and then turning your really expensive spells into bombs. The control aspect can keep the early game in hand, and stand against darkness has a way of tipping the board state or stalling the game at the right time. It's also a light aoe with equality if you must. It also feeds a sea giant, which is good. Sea Giant + Enter the Coliseum generally makes for a good board wipe as well, and if you've medivh'ed you'll be up two decent minions vs their none.

Ultimately Ivory Knight should be used to look for high value spells that will combo after medivh, lay on hands is usually perfect for this.

This deck is just a casual deck, though. OTK is a bit too popular right now, so even though this deck can stick up around 30 life, degenerate murloc & warrior decks easily push it out of the meta. Miracle and N'Zoth don't help either, but you've got a chance vs those. If you suspect n'zoth I recommend holding an enter the coliseum. You'll still have to deal with something, but if coliseum + Peace Keeper can go a long way to making the board a bit easier to handle.

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