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Just thought I should share the deck that got me from rank 15 to 2 in a day. This deck is very good for the current meta if you love being a midrange player. It's quick enough to beat out control decks that try and force the long game and controls the board and tempo so that aggro decks don't run over you at the start. Hope you guys enjoy!

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over more games, well, medivh doesn't turn a game around the way yogg could, nor do i feel like there is enough draw, without yogg at least.

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2 games in. Loss to a renounce warlock due to giant misplay, beat a midrange shaman, in casual mode. Also, my deck was severely gimped vs this one, because my collection is incomplete and I had to make the following 3 subs, but was still so fun:

1 mulch -> 1 starfall
1 violet teacher -> illidan stormrage
yogg -> medivh

The starfall is a better combo with Atiesh, tho I did not manage to hit the combo, but I'd play a mulch if I had it. Illidan is of course expensive, but came from a pack. RNGesus, where's my 2nd teacher?