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Check Out My youtube channel and watch a video on deck and performance....I just recently placed 2nd in a tournament and went through two Legendary Ranked players one of them was raked 145th the other around 400.. I have Played all types of the Malygos Token Druid Decks and I feel Very confident in mine.....having Medivh makes the biggest difference if you are able to utilize him. You have large spells such as 2x Nourish and Moonglade portal to get big minions from his staff and you also have raven idol that can give you bigger spells. If You Like what you see please subscribe to my channel...trying to network with community more.

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I will be coming out with a newer video focusing on some more highlights of decks....also there are so many ways to kill opponent. Malygos can do up to 26 Damage between the 2x Moonfire 2xLiving Roots....Yogg Saron Has 19 spells + and i say + because raven idol can give you more spells. The Arcane Giants usually get summoned at 0 cost mana.....Medivh can do some damage...and then Barnes has good Odds.....You have a total of 11 Minions....Barnes does not Ten....out of the ten of them 4 of them do nothing for you except be just a 1/1......Fandral, Bloodmage, Emperor, Sylvanas, Malygos, Azure Drake....all give you some you have a 60 percent chance to get a card that works in your favor when summoning him....