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Pros And Cons

Pros: Very versatile, can win almost any matchup. Has a good matchup vs aggro shaman. Fairly quick games for efficient laddering.

Cons: Somewhat draw dependant. Very little comeback potential outside of Deathwing.

General Startegy

The whole point of Dragon Warrior is to control the board early game and then play strong midgame cards to seize tempo from your opponent. If this fails, you have a sizable late game.

In the early game, you are looking to control the board with Alexstrasza's Champion, Fiery War Axe, Blood To Ichor, and Slam. Make favorable trades and come out ahead in the midgame. Blood To Ichor on an Argent Squire can be really good.

In the midgame, you are looking to make favorabe trades and seize tempo. Kor'kron Elite can do work Vs. an enemy Imp Gang Boss, and Twilight Guardian is very good versus aggro. If you can, it might be good to get them below 15 health so you can drop Drakonid Crusher.

If you haven't won through pressure in the midgame, you are looking to use your lategame tools to seal the game out. The Curator is great at getting you large amounts of value to reload. Both Ragnaros the Firelord and Grommash Hellscream are huge bombs that demand removal from your opponent while trading at least 2 for 1. Deathwing is great if you are falling behind on board to squeeze out a win.

Card Choices

  • Blood To Ichor: Good for trading into totem golems and also punishes argent squire. Execute and Grommash Hellscream activator.

  • Execute: Great efficient removal. It can be great to use this on big minions like Flamewreathed Faceless or Arcane Giant but don't be afraid to use it for tempo if you need to or the matchup requires it.

  • Sir Finley Mrrgglton: Armor Up! is a very useless hero power most of the time, so Sir Finley Mrrgglton just makes sense. Steady Shot can be very good to close out games, but our real bread and butter hero power is Life Tap. Life Tap allows us to never run out of gas and can make us have incredible lategame.

  • Alexstrasza's Champion: This card is insane when you get the effect off. Sometimes it can get in upwards of 9 damage and lock down the board early. It is also a monster at trading into early game 1-2 attack minions like Tunnel Trogg.

  • Faerie Dragon: We mostly play this as a dragon activator but Faerie Dragon is very good versus an empty board and decks that can't trade into it efficiently like certain rogue variants.

  • Fiery War Axe: Might as well be called Fiery Win Axe. I shouldn't have to explain this.

  • Slam: Decent early game board control tool. Can also be useful late game to activate Execute and Grommash Hellscream.

  • Fierce Monkey: A decent role player in the deck, fairly statted minion that preforms versus zoo and adds valuable taunts to the deck. The reason we play this is for The Curator synergy, it is the only beast in our deck.

  • Ravaging Ghoul: A warrior staple. Insane value versus zoo/token druid, Execute activator, and all around powerhouse.

  • Kor'kron Elite: A solid role-player midgame minion. Trades well versus a lot of minions like Imp Gang Boss and also applies a lot of pressure. Good tempo card. SMOrc.

  • Twilight Guardian: A very solid midgame minion. Fulfills your taunt needs and activates your other dragon synergy cards like Blackwing Corrupter.

  • Azure Drake: A solid card in most decks, and this one is no exception. The spellpower isn't too valuable in this deck but the dragon synergy and the frequent 2-for-1's it creates are.

  • Blackwing Corruptor: Not only does Blackwing Corruptor provide immense tempo swings in the midgame, it can also activate Execute in a pinch.

  • Drakonid Crusher: Not only is this card a dragon activator, but once you have tempo, a 6 mana 9/9 will just win if unanswered if they are below 15 life.

  • The Curator: This card is the reason we play Fierce Monkey over Frothing Berserker. Drop this to draw 2-3 cards and get a decent taunt body out. Useful to grind out slower decks.

  • Grommash Hellscream: Not only can this card pull off traditional burst kills by charging your opponent for 10, sometimes it can be very good to trade it into a small minion and force them to answer it, especially if you are baiting removal so you can Deathwing.

  • Ragnaros the Firelord: A lategame staple. Good versus most decks and can win games if unanswered. Can bait removal before Deathwing and still go 2 for 1.

  • Deathwing: Kinda like a Yogg-Saron, Hope's End for decks that can't play a lot of spells. Your comeback mechanism when games start slipping away. Usually you will have little in hand by turn 10 anyways, and if you can bait their removal first, this card can be checkmate.

Common Matchups

  • Shaman: Assume midrange. Try to maintain board control and take favorable trades while pressuring them. If you are ahead, baiting out a hex and dropping a bomb like Deathwing can be GG.

  • Priest: Priest in 2016 MEGALUL

  • Warlock: Assume zoo/discozoo. Keep the board clear and you will eventually win. Ravaging ghoul is a key card so don't be afraid to be greedy with it.

  • Druid: Assume malygos. Just try to kill them before they play Yogg-Saron, Hope's End. Try to save Execute for Arcane Giant but it's okay if you need to Execute a Fandral Staghelm.

  • Hunter: Assume midrange. Just try and go fast to beat Call Of The Wild. Really hard matchup.

  • Paladin: Assume anyfin. Try to put pressure on the board, but don't go all in and play into an Equality clear. Deathwing is bad because it will just get aldored.

  • Mage: Assume tempo. Just kill their early minions and beat them down. That's how you win. Never let a Flamewaker survive.

  • Rogue: Assume miracle. Try to remove their minions efficiently and build up a board, they have no board clears. Execute is a lifesaver because it lets you take tempo which they can't really come back from.

  • Warrior: Assume dragon. Just try to get tempo. This matchup is mostly luck-based.

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Hi, thanks for the guide. Any replacement for Deathwing?

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Hi! very nice guide! What do you think exchanging 1 Drakonid crusher 6/6 by malkorok?