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Deck Overview

With all the different types of Hunter decks rotating in and out, this is my take on Hunter. The general strategy is to adapt to your opponent be either going aggressive early against control, holding down the fort against midrange, or playing the removal game against aggro and zoo. This deck runs secrets to slow down your opponent, which synergize very well with eaglehorn bow as removal and face hunting. The Midevh + Call of the Wild combo is insane later in the game that can keep you in it against control and late game threats.

The Cards

Tracking - Tracking is vital as a selective draw mechanic. 3 cards are drawn and, based on the situation, you can draw according to your needs. It is very important to draw according to NEEDS rather than WANTS. Against an aggro zoo deck selecting explosive trap over that enticing call of the wild will be the difference in winning.

Crazed Alchemist - My personal favorite tech card (you may substitute your own). It's golden against doomsayers, flametongue totems, and any other 0 attack minions as instant removal without wasting a spell and giving you board presence. Can also be used to up the attack of certain minions to trade or go face.

Explosive Trap - Vital against aggressive decks for removing minions, beefing up the Eaglehorn Bow, and usually free to play with Cloaked Huntress.

Freezing Trap - Huge tempo swings, especially useful against shaman's large minions since they just overloaded to play it and now it costs 2 more mana to throw it back down on a parched turn.

Kindly Grandmother - Great early game sticky minion.

King's Elekk - Solid 2 drop with a potential draw, since we aren't running too many low cost minions the chances of hooking a Highmane are good to set you up for turn 6.

Misdirection - Always fun when an opponent's threat goes into their face or clears one of their other minions, good for buying time but lessens it's effect if you have a lot of minions.

Quick Shot - Removal and potential card draw. If you can afford to save it for card draw then do so.

Snake Trap - Great for getting board presence, essentially a limited unleash the hounds since you can only get 3 but that is sometimes a strength, especially as a combo with Leokk.

Snipe- Great early game spell that can swing momentum in your favor instantly, lessens it's value slightly later in the game but good for weakening larger minions.

Animal Companion - Taunts to stall, Charge to remove or go face, or Leokk to boost your snakes and hounds. All around versatility.

Cloaked Huntress - Solid body and makes secrets free, giving us huge advantage in the early game especially when you have a bow.

Deadly Shot - Originally had 1 in the deck with Kill Command but this doesn't rely on beast synergy and is great for removing large taunts and large minions.

Eaglehorn Bow - Unchecked, this bow can easily get 3-5 turns out of it with all the secrets being run. Great for removal and going face against control decks.

Unleash the Hounds - Great combo with Leokk for removing a large board or going face.

Infested Wolf - Sticky minion the give us some board presence.

Harrison Jones - Most decks run weapons and Harrison is a solid card draw mechanic and a decent body on the board if he can't remove a weapon.

Savannah Highmane - This is where most of your opponents removals and spells will be used and what will give us the advantage turns 6 and 7 to set up for....

Call of the Wild - Truly one of the best cards in the game. Finisher, Board presence, and sometimes an instant concede. Pairs amazingly with....

Midevh, The Guardian - With the staff equipped and playing call of the wild you will usually put the game out of reach for your opponent, nothing short of a large board or a board clear will save them at this point.


This deck has an insane early curve. You will usually be able to curve out your first few turns (other than turn 1 without the coin unless you get tracking) so you will want to mulligan based on your opponent. Against Hunter I always try to keep the coin for a turn 7 call of the wild play if it won't get me killed in the process. Try to get a King's Elekk, Kindly Grandmother, Animal Companion, Huntress, or Bow to start you off since you will draw into a secret fairly quickly to pick up that synergy. Against a potentially aggressive deck, keep Explosive Trap.


The great thing about Hunter decks is you can build a viable one without much dust or legendaries. Harrion Jones can be substituted for Acidic Swamp Ooze. Crazed Alchemist can be replaced with Stampeding Kodo. Midevh Can be replaced with Ragnaros or King Krush.

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