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Medium totems2

The Cards

  • Totemic Might - This is one of the keys to making this deck work. The value you can get from this card can not be overstated. The more totems you have on board, the better the value, but I can not stress enough how good this is even if you only hit one key minion. I can't count the number of times I have used this card on a minion that is at 1 health to get it out of ping range. It increases the value of your trades and helps you stabilize a board full of low health minions. This card is a superstar in this deck. That's right, I said it. Totemic Might is a superstar.

  • Arcane Anomaly - I was looking for something that I could get value from if I use it early or late. The lack of 1 drops seems like it can hurt the deck sometimes but you fill the board so quickly after the first 2 turns that it isn't really that terrible. Even against super aggro decks I am rarely behind going in to turn 4. I considered Tunnel Trogg, Argent Squire, and Abusive Sergeant but I decided to settle on this card because of it's versatility. It dies early to ping unless you can buff it, but if you manage to play it before a Rockbiter Weapon or Lightning Bolt it can trade pretty well. If you manage to get a Healing Totem on board it's even better. If you can't play it on turn 1 don't play it unless you have multiple spells to play with it. Otherwise it just dies.

  • Evolve - There are two reasons this card exists in the deck. One, because I pulled a golden one and it makes all my minions golden. Infinite Value. Two, because sometimes you have a board full of 0 attack minions and you need to get that last few points of damage in. Golden lethal is just too much fun.

  • Lightning Bolt - Strictly for removal. I have not once used this card to go face. Coin out Totem Golem on 1 and use this to clear a minion on 2 and you are WAY ahead. Trust me on this one. That line of play has one me multiple games. Conversely you can play Arcane Anomaly on 1 and use this on 2. Not as effective but still a decent line of play.

  • Primal Fusion - Another key component in this deck. You will be churning out so many totems in the first few turns that will always get value out of this card. I rarely get less than +3/+3 with this. It's perfect for keeping your key totems alive or buffing a taunt totem to help deal with your opponents minions. The best plays I've made with this is buffing my Flametongue Totem or Mana Tide Totem to help keep them around and get continual value. Turns out it is really hard to deal with a 3/6 totem that provides a static buff or 1 card per turn.

  • Rockbiter Weapon - Another card I use strictly for removal. The Doomhammer powerplay doesn't exist in this deck so removal is key with this card. Face is rarely the place unless you are swinging for lethal or setting up to do so on the next turn.

  • Flametongue Totem - Not much to be said here. Everybody knows how effective a +2/+0 buff can be if used correctly. Always make sure you are taking this card in to consideration when placing down your minions. Hero Power always lands on the right so placing minions to the left is typically the best play. This helps you keep it centered on the board for bigger trades. Don't be afraid to use Primal Fusion on it early. The longer it lives, the better you can control the board.

  • Maelstrom Portal - When this card was first introduced I didn't think it would be that great. I was dead wrong. Using it to clear just one minion and generate a body in the early game is a great play. The same applies to dealing that last point of damage to any threatening minions or even as much as 2 or 3 after spell damage. This card is a friggin boss.

  • Totem Golem - Should read "Summon an over statted minion and make Thing from Below cheaper". That is all

  • Hex - Hold it for anything you can't immediately deal with. If you have taunts on board and you can deal with a minion over the course of 2 turns it's ok to hold on to this. Using these effectively just wins games.

  • Lightning Storm - Great for clearing all those pesky 2 health minions that are always running around. The overload can hurt so make sure you plan your turns accordingly. If you can put a big threat in range and draw out a couple smaller minions then you might have just won the game right there. I only run 1 because of how much work Maelstrom Portal does.

  • Mana Tide Totem -Card draw for days. Hide this behind a taunt or buff it in to the stratosphere with Primal Fusion to help keep your hand full. I would say it is a kill on sight target, but there are so many of those in this deck that sometimes it just sticks because your opponent has to deal with something else.

  • Tuskarr Totemic - There are too many good totems for this card not to be used. It can summon any of them. A 3/2 that summons at least 2 more points of stats and makes Thing from Below cheaper? Yes please.

  • Draenei Totemcarver - This card is a 1 of in here. Sometimes it's a 6/6 on turn 4. who needs a 4 mana 7/7 with overload when you can have a 4 mana 6/6 and still have use of ALL of your mana crystals on the next turn. Sign me up!

  • Wicked Witchdoctor - She can generate so many totems! If you hero power, you can not summon a totem that is already on the board. If you have one of each totem, you can't hero power at all. This card gets around that. I've had as many as 3 healing totems on board at once. That's just overly stupid value. You can pretty much trade in to anything that way. Want 2 or 3 spell power totems on board for your AOE spells? This is how you do it. It drops the totems before the spells resolve so you might just end up with a bonus. Sometimes you have to roll the dice and hope it works out, but when it does it's game over.

  • Bloodlust - I tend not to hold on to this for too long. If you can swing for 20+ damage go for it, even if it's not lethal. It puts your opponent in a bad situation. If your opponent goes in to desperation mode because of the mere threat of lethal you can expect to see a lot of bad trades as they try to stay afloat. Use this to your advantage and push every point of damage you can.

  • Thunder Bluff Valiant - I rarely use this before Turn 7. Drop this with 2 or 3 totems already on the board and it really swings the tempo of the game in your favor. Buffing totems is kind of the point. Right?

  • Thing from Below - I've never paid more than 1 mana to play it in this deck. 5/5 taunt for 1 or 0 is just too good not to run.


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The mulligan strategy is going to be pretty much the same no matter what deck you are playing against. I would keep Arcane Anomaly against ping classes even though it usually just gets sniped off the board. That can be ok sometimes. If you opponent pays 2 mana to get rid of it then they aren't playing anything else. That gives you the chance to set up initiative with your Totem Golem. If they do play a minion, hopefully you have a removal spell to get rid of it and buff your Arcane Anomaly giving you 2 minions to their 0 going in to turn 3. These are the kinds of tempo plays that really help this deck excel.

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Any suggestions on a replacement for tuskar?

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Thanks for the deck list. I'll give it a try.

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alae playing primal fussion