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Medium featured0907 legend arcane giant warrior deck guide

This guide first appeared here.

Before we begin, no this doesn't do 30 In one turn, to me otk has generally never meant a true 30 damage burst, just an obscene amount of burst that's generally hard to interact with. With that out of the way…

I wanted to share a deck I've had a ton of fun and success with. Below is a link to the deck, stats, and a video highlighting the games(wins and losses) finishing of the climb from 3 to legend. I've played around with various versions of this deck with mixed results back when frost giant was the vessel to the win con, however with arcane giants printing I figured I'd mess with it some more and I'm glad I did.

I only played a short while and climbed from 9 to legend exclusively with this deck in 5~ short streams. Considering this is a control deck at heart I believe that speaks volumes about it since those are often a bit slower to climb(not always though). I wanted to share the deck and maybe hear back from some other otk / control deck advocates about their thoughts on the list, potential changes and how it stacks up comparatively to other variations which vary immensely.

The main reason this deck imo is a ton of fun and had the success it did is because most players don't realize what's happening til they're dead. Most players play around 10 - at max 15 burst from cw's which is grom / task / pre equiped weapon which even that is extremely unlikely so you get wins all the time from people not respecting the easily obtainable 23 burst post Alexstrasza.

Link to Deck Stats

Gameplay Viedo

Video - The Climb

The Game Plan

The deck is best described as a control warrior with a combo finish. Control the entirety of the early game and survive, and then hit them in the face for however much hp they have left though various dif means. Standard combo is Alexstrasza > Arcane Giant > Charge > Faceless Manipulator Add in a Fiery War Axe hit after Alexstrasza cut and after arcane combo if you need more dmg. This combo setup is vary rarely used as you can often whittle them down to much lower hp.

While the game plan in general is to setup an OTK (one turn kill) finish, a lot of games are won off just the control warrior portion of the deck, and in that same vein a lot of wins are stolen that you wouldn't normally be able to obtain by cheesing the win with the combo.


In my testing most matchups were fairly even thus based off your knowledge of how to navigate it to be able to pull off the wins, with Priest, Tempo Mage, Shaman, Zoo all being insanely good matchups, and Control Warrior variations to be avoided, especially C'Thun as you simply don't have enough damage.

Elise Starseeker can be won, it's just difficult and your combo needs to be used post them monkeying as removal for two minions on the spot and hope they don't have a good legendary to clean them up.

Interesting Cards

Normal a060e10efc

The Curator and by association his package of minions - so this is a combo deck and The Curator does 3 ideal things for it. First it puts a taunt on the board, albeit a weak one it's still a taunt. Secondly finds part of your combo(or survivability) in Alexstrasza, and cards to control the game through scarab, and seer. And lastly and more importantly thins your deck giving you a higher chance to draw quality cards when you need them.

Jeweled Scarab - this card could be cut down to a 1 of but I like having the two as early game annoyances for the aggro lists and to ensure curator is likely to pull more cards out of this deck. This card has seen fringe play in control decks before curator as a utility tool belt card and now curator pushes it over the edge imo.

Corrupted Seer - this card is an absolute all star, I will be making a montage video praising him and all his glory but for now an imgur album -

Blood To Ichor - easily the most cut-able card, but it's a nod to all the aggro decks with 1/3 (tempo mage, shaman), Argent Squire etc that are running around.

Potential Cards

Normal bf2300c231

Ironforge Portal - Does two things you like which is gain armor and put a body on the board to fight with which is proactive which not a lot of heals do (Moonglade Portal is, in my opinion, a potentially hugely underrated card for this reason).

Fool's Bane / Gorehowl - Who doesn't like 4+ for 1's. This is what control decks are based off of, the only issue is sometimes it's a bit too much dmg to face tank, so thus the balancing act, not to mention there's a lot of ooze's atm :s

Violet Illusionist - good stat line and when paired with weapons, specifically Fool's bane this card can easily turn into a pseado huge heal.

Harrison Jones - Quite a few hunters / shamans and with spirit claws coming out even more incentive to play it.


Azure Drake to thin with and combos with The Curator, a 2nd Revenge, Stampeding Kodo again to pair with Curator and just more removal!


Favorably interact with the opponents face \o/

Look forward to hearing back from you guys on anything and everything.

Lastly shameless self promotion, I do stream at [[/ nearly every night at 9pm pst so feel free to say hi!

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