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A deck based heavily on Reynad's aggro paladin. This version is far more stream lined, with more burst and less board dependence. Works pretty well, definitely a fun deck to ladder with.

Zoobot is surprisingly effective in this archetype. Faerie Dragon is the sleeper mvp of the deck; you can just load it up with buffs and divine shields without risking too much tempo. Dragon Egg serves as insurance against aoe, while the 0/2 body poses its own threat with so many activators. Menagerie Magician rounds out the deck with a potential +10/10 for 5 mana. Suck on that, shaman. With lots of charge and lots of zoo synergy, you should be able to surprise your opponent with creative lethal combos.

Let me know how you do!

Add Pickles#1676 of you want to challenge me.

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