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Hi! I'm Asmodeus, Hearthstone coach and author of The Complete Guide for Hearthstone Player. Welcome to my Museum Warrior guide. This deck is a successor of older Elise Starseeker decks which aimed to outlast the enemy and cycle through the deck in search of the Golden Monkey. With the introduction of The Curator the deck became stronger and more consistent because your card draw gives you even more card draw. Let me take you on a tour and explain how the Museum Warrior works in practice, and remember, don't touch anything!


Normal 6d130d86ea I've always enjoyed beating my enemy by outlasting him and countering everything he does, until he recognizes me as the superior being and shamefully concedes. Sadly this kind of strategy isn't very good by itself because hero health totals and the quality of mass removals make it really difficult to survive against a simple deck that just wants to curve out with strong minions. But there was hope! Elise Starseeker allowed me to fill my deck with defensive tools and removals for the early game, without sacrificing my late game potential. Warrior was the natural fit here due to the ability to exceed 30 hit points and a wide arsenal of removal cards. The deck was all right, but it was lacking something, and that something might have just arrived!

While brainstorming ideas for a deck that could welcome Prince Malchezaar with open arms, I've revisited the Elise Starseeker turtle deck and looked for suitable additions among the Karazhan designs. I'll go through them in the card choice section, but now, let's go over the basic strategy of this deck.

The Map!

Normal 5498483b97Museum Warrior is a control deck which aims to break all the rules. We go over 30 health, we pack more removal than other decks, we play low mana curve for a control deck and we use some cards that other decks can't get away with playing. Your main aim is to first survive and control the board. You will mulligan for cards like Fiery War Axe, Ravaging Ghoul, and Execute in matchups like Aggro Shaman or Priest. While controlling the board, you'll try to make your enemy run out of resources and once the game is stabilized you'll be developing your minions and look to play your big legendary threats.

The advantage of this deck over regular control warrior is that you have much broader options due to the increased card draw. Normally a control warrior can hit a dry spot with something like a shield slam and two, random, clunky cards, neither of which are particularly good to play at that time. In this deck you'll have that useless shield slam and two clunky cards but also about three more, potentially useful cards. You'll keep up on draw with most decks and get faster to your Golden Monkey which will make sure that these draws are valuable.


Normal 2a35894d33

Wait a minute? You've said this is a Museum deck. Where the hell is Harrison Jones?! Relax, Harrison still is indisposed after the Karazhan party, and we brought Harry the Ooze as a replacement. Harry the Ooze can do the job just as well if not better. The problem with playing Harrison Jones in this deck is your massive card draw potential which greatly complicates removing a weapon like Doomhammer. On top of that, Secret Hunter is becoming more and more popular, which makes removing the Eaglehorn Bow very important and Acidic Swamp Ooze can do it earlier. If for some reason you're not drawing enough cards, then feel free to swap Harrison Jones back into the deck.

Normal 282fb7e0b3

Coldlight Oracle serves multiple purposes in this deck. First of all, you're going to get it from The Curator and you can chain card draw from that point. Secondly, it is meant to bring you closer to Golden Monkey without making you lose in the fatigue war. This deck also runs double Brawl, double Fool's Bane, Baron Geddon and Revenge. You're not really afraid of your enemy flooding the board but you still have to be very mindful of playing it. If you don't need to draw a specific card, you can just keep it in your hand and let the Golden Monkey transform it into something useful. If the game goes really late you won't be stuck with a dead card like any other deck would.

The best use of this card is if you really need to fish for a specific answer like a Brawl or Execute. You can also use it to overdraw an unsuspecting enemy. Making a paladin burn his Anyfin Can Happen or Tirion Fordring can win you the game.

Normal be00fe9da9

In current metagame I've found Fool's Bane to be superior to Gorehowl. Gorehowl will be better against slow Control Priest and other decks of this kind, playing one or two medium sized creatures per turn. However, most decks that can give you some trouble will the the ones that play more minions than you can handle in one turn. Fool's Bane deals surprisingly well with some really annoying boards.

Tunnel Trogg behind Feral Spirit or Flamewaker behind Mirror Image are no longer unreachable, and with your armor gain, taking one hit from each minion is well worth it if you are able to remove it from the board for good.

Normal a060e10efc

The bastard child of Ancient of Lore and Ancient of War turned out to be a really strong minion. Your synergies in this deck are: 2xFierce Monkey, 2xColdlight Oracle, 2xAzure Drake. Four out of six can be played as a follow up, within the same turn if you're at ten mana. Also four out of six will draw you even more cards. A defensive tool which draws you more cards is something that a deck like this really needs. Especially if your win condition is tied to drawing cards.

Normal e3f5ee5f1f

The more I've played Soggoth the Slitherer, the more I've come to appreciate this card. By the time you'll play this, a hunter likely used his Deadly Shot and Sylvanas Windrunner is also out of the way, which means that most of the time, your enemy will simply have to trade his board into it, and that's exactly what you want. It is also extremely useful against combo decks, such as OTK Worgen Warrior, and let me assure you, Shamans with Doomhammer in their hand, also don't like to see it on the opposite side of the board.

Normal 47e4cfcb5d

Although not released yet, I anticipate that the Museum Warrior deck will find a spot for royalty. Since you're not running many expensive cards and your card draw is very healthy, you can afford few more clunky cards. Cycling through a lot of cards and going to fatigue will also give you another advantage with 5 additional cards and Coldlight Oracle. If you end up with some terrible legendary cards, such as Lorewalker Cho you can always recycle them with Golden Monkey and there is hardly any deck that could compete with such a big accumulation of late game power.

Replace Sylvanas Windrunner if the metagame favors wide boards (a lot of smaller minions) or replace Baron Geddon if it favors tall boards (few bigger minions).

Meet Harry the Ooze. An adventurer at heart - struggling with society's prejudice against giant, gelatinous creatures.
Meet Harry the Ooze. An adventurer at heart - struggling with society's prejudice against giant, gelatinous creatures.

Baddies who want to steal your shinies!


Try to quickly identify which deck you're playing against so that you can save your removals for priority targets, such as Fandral Staghelm. You don't have to be afraid of wide boards, so just try to limit the incoming damage as much as you can and set yourself up for future turns. Against beast and aggro decks, remember to factor in the possibility of Savage Roar when determining if your health total is at a safe level.


With many taunts you should be able to hold off the damage until your mass removal arrives to your hand. Remember that you're not in a hurry because once you get your Justicar Trueheart, you'll be escaping the kill range with each turn. Make sure to save Acidic Swamp Ooze in the mulligan and like with all aggressive decks that eventually run out of resources, you want to use Coldlight Oracle only if you're desperate for a specific answer from your deck.


Remove the priority targets which are responsible for dealing the most damage and prioritize using removal before developing your own minions if they're still on board. If you have a choice of coining out Fool's Bane and killing Mirror Image + Mana Wyrm it is better than playing something like a Bloodhoof Brave because a Mage is extremely likely to have enough removal in the early game to kill anything you play and keep pushing for more damage. The faster you stop that, the faster you'll stabilize.


Against Paladin, it is important to time your Sylvanas Windrunner extremely well. You should always play her if you anticipate enemy playing Tirion Fordring or developing a board that you can brawl with Sylvanas Windrunner in the field. Look for the opportunities to burn enemy cards with Coldlight Oracle, since Paladins tend to hold a lot of cards in their hand and you have a chance of burning one of their combo pieces. Try to achieve as high armor value as possible and save some taunts + brawl for Anyfin Can Happen. Warrior is one of the few classes which can actually deal with it.


Rogue always has a potential to beat you with sheer tempo after drawing a lot of cards. You can sometimes find an opening to burn their cards with Coldlight Oracle after a big Gadgetzan Auctioneer turn. Try to save your better removal for the later stages of the game. Rogue is not threatening early on but after cycling through their deck they can assemble powerful combinations of cards which have to be dealt with very quickly or you'll be outpaced and die due to tempo tools like Sap or Conceal. I'd consider saving Brawl in your opening hand because against miracle Rogue you don't need a fast start and against Deathrattle focused Rogue deck, a Brawl will win you the game.


Shaman is a decent matchup for this deck. Your removal spells match really well against Shaman's threats and against Evolve you can clear the board over and over again. Always save Acidic Swamp Ooze in the mulligan, since the aggro version with Doomhammer has the biggest chances of beating you if that weapon is left unchecked.


2xFool's Bane, 2xBrawl, Baron Geddon, Revenge. Need I say more? With increased draw you'll have easier time beating zoo than a regular Control Warrior list.


Most Warrior decks will run out of resources faster than you so worry only about tempo and mitigating damage against aggressive decks. The exception might be a Dragon Warrior with Life Tap from Sir Finley Mrrgglton, but even then you should be able to keep up by using Brawl intelligently. After that be mindful of the possibility of Deathwing, so don't go all in, you can afford to take the game slow after you stabilize.

And that covers all of the match... Wait a moment.


As I've been just informed, there is apparently another class in the game, called Priest. If you enounter this mythical creature make sure to play your Bloodhoof Brave before they have 6 mana, to avoid Cabal Shadow Priest. You can also use it in combination with Revenge or Ravaging Ghoul to enrage it.

As long as you keep some removal for their Resurrect targets, you should be able to survive indefinitely and overwhelm them with a big number of legendary cards. They can't Entomb 35 cards, can they?

Closing Words

So there you go. I hope you've enjoyed my guide and will try the deck out. If not now then maybe after Prince Malchezaar release, because I can't think of a better list to fit him in. As always I encourage you to share your opinions or questions in the comments, I'm always happy to answer them and good luck in your games!

If you're interested in 1 on 1 Hearthstone coaching - you can find more information about it here: Coaching with Asmodeus

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Thumb avatar placeholder

Thanks for taking the time to write this guide, having a lot of fun with it.
What are your thoughts on Varian Wrynn? With the additional 5 legendary creatures from Prince Malchezaar, it would certainly increase the odds of drawing worthwhile creatures.

It may still be something that's cute, but not worthwhile. Perhaps Y'shaarj for the guarantee?

Thumb hrv6 jis

@xxSoup You don't really wanna put legendary cards that give you value into the deck. The deck has abundance of value, all you need is functionality and removal/defensive tools. That's why the only legendary cards that are in the list are either defensive tools, removal or draw. Adding Varian is like pouring sugar on an ice cream ;)

Thumb avatar placeholder

Awesome list! Love your decks in general.

Two questions:
1) which card do you plan on removing to fit in Prince Malchezaar when he becomes available?
2) do you plan to include Violet Illusionist (for synergy with Fool's Bane)?

Thumb hrv6 jis


1 - "Replace Sylvanas Windrunner if the metagame favors wide boards (a lot of smaller minions) or replace Baron Geddon if it favors tall boards (few bigger minions). "

2 - I'll at least test it out, It has a good potential but might be too situational

Thumb avatar placeholder

I just want to say, I love Control Warrior. This is a refreshing take on the deck and I'm enjoying it very much. Thank you for breathing life into the deck again! Do you think you'd be able to give a class specific mulligan list? I'm sort of figuring it out on my own, but it would be most helpful! I'm super stoked to play this list with Malchezzar.

Thumb hrv6 jis

@elisofly Greedy resurrect priest will beat this deck because he can wait as long as he wants for the best targets and not get punished, that's just the nature of the matchup (don't worry, he'll lose to all fast decks anyway for playing such a greedy deck). And as for zoo, make sure you hold your AoE as long as possible but that matchup is probably slightly favored toward zoo if it's the fast version.

Thumb avatar placeholder

@Asmodeus don't know if I'm just playing it wrong, but I keep losing to Rez Priest and Zoolock! Any suggestions? You'd think those two would be pretty well handled by this deck, but they keep kicking me hard in the tush.

Thumb avatar placeholder

@Asmodeus an absolute blast with Malchezzar. I'm sure you know already, but I'm just saying. 2/3 legendaries I drew were garbage, but I did get an Icehowl against Reno Mage and it made board clearing that much easier. It was a long fight, but I pulled it off thanks to Icehowl, and Malchezzar. :) Good work on this deck!

Thumb avatar placeholder

@Asmodeus please do!

Thumb hrv6 jis

@elisofly Glad you enjoyed it, I might do some sort of a follow up once Prince Malchezaar is released