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Medium featured0829 secret midrange hunter

This guide first appeared on here.

Hey everyone this is my first post so please bear with me. I just achieved legend using this deck with a win rate that is close to 70% (small sample size I know).

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Secret hunter is more tempo oriented mid range deck with the potential for some insane snowballing and great value. Your game plan is to grab the board early dumping resources quickly while finishing off your opponent with your late game bombs. This deck is one off the most fun I have played and can pull off some insane tempo plays.

This deck was played from rank 14 to legend with the only changes being -1 Tracking, -1 Snake Trap +2 Cat Trick at rank 8 (The stats listed are from either rank 4 or 8 to legend) Some stats are on my other computer and I will post them when I can.

Legend Proof

Legend Proof

Deck Stats

Card Choices

Tracking: This card is here just to pull for something when you need an answer. Usually ill save it for late game. The discarding 2 cards is helpful at that stage because you can discard traps you do not need.

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Secretkeeper: A good turn one play. You will usually have secrets to follow up with sometimes this girl truly gets buffed out of control without a good way to remove her and depending on the trap you can get good value even when she is removed.(ps coining SK on turn 4 with Cloaked Huntress and a few traps =GG)

King's Elekk:The decks only true 2 drop, You always want to keep this card in your mulligan. The draws seemed pretty consistent with only SK and Elekk as 1 and 2 drops.

Quick Shot: Good removal late game it is pretty reliable cycle. 4 dmg with azure on turn 7 is something most people don't see coming either.

Traps: Basically I picked most of the traps for the synergy with Secretkeeper Cloaked Huntress and Eaglehorn bow. Bear is by far the weakest but most of them are strong in the aggro match-ups that are all over ladder. Snipe is especially effective vs rogue and mage. Freezing trap is such good temp if you can keep control of the board to target the potential freeze. The nice thing is that with so many traps its very hard for the opponent to correctly play around them and keep your board clear.

Eaglehorn Bow: Possibly the best card in the deck with even one extra charge from a trap it adds up to 9 damage over 3 turns and is very useful for keeping the board clear. This card is a must keep for shamans. Sometimes its better to not attack if there are no good targets so you can be sure to get an extra charge on the bow the next turn.

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Cloaked Huntress: Not much to be said, this card makes the deck possible. I don't usually keep her in the mulligan unless I have coin and good traps for the match-up or just a great curve.

Barnes: Good 4 drop and almost all he pulls are good cards besides elekk. Azure, Highmane, Rag, Huntress, and secret keeper can be really good pulls.

Azure Drake: Decent body that helps pull more removal before CotW and rag come out. Plus cycle and your hand will be low by turn 5. Has good synergy with explosive, quick shot, and snipe (love this one).

Savannah Highmane: 'Nuff said.

Call of the Wild: Great in almost all situations. Love this card.

Ragnaros the Firelord: This one I originally put in just for Barnes but I found this deck was really good at board control (except vs zoo with a great trap read) and would often hit face for 8 and also was sometimes what I needed to stay alive. This card performed much better than I thought it would and this is even with it missing 3 lethal hits along the way to legend.


The mulligan is pretty consistent across the board.

  • Eaglehorn Bow is always a keep
  • Secretkeeper
  • King's Elekk
  • Quick Shot
  • Traps benefiting your match up are also good
  • I only keep Cloaked Huntress with a good curve or on the coin with good traps


Here are some quick tips for each class matchups:

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The tempo mages I faces were all pretty rough with bad trap draws. Some can chose not to attack if you can not get any minions on the board and burn you with spells. Look for Secretkeeper, Eaglehorn Bow and Quick Shot. I like to keep Snipe because it is something they can not avoid and almost all of their cards are weak to it.


Tough matchup if they are full aggro. Mulligan hard for bow but also keep Quick Shot. Just try to keep the board clear before you can start throwing down some threats of your own. Cloaked Huntress and Barnes trade well with most of their minions. Snipe and Freeezing Trap can be very strong here but without board control can be played around.


I always mulligan for aggro. Against Dragon Warrior Eaglehorn Bow is one again great. Try to bait out some removal on your smaller minions mid game he wont be able to answer Savannah Highmane and Call of the Wild. Against control all I can say is hit face a lot and make sure you get charges off on your bow. 5 Damage a turn is nothing to scoff at.

Normal a0ef42184a


Play minions clear board. Your late game will win before he can recover. Seamed like one of the easiest wins. Freezing Trap on Injured Blademaster can seal the game early.


Look for Elekk, SK, and bow. Most of the lists I've played against are running many more 1+2 drops and rarely win the jousts. Turn 3 Huntress + 2 or 3 traps is GG against most hunters from what I've seen.


Token druid is hard because they have lots of spell based removal and can fill the board fast. The deck does not have a great way of getting rid of Innervated threats besides freezing and possibly snipe. Beast druid seemed much easier you both trade on board till we drop bigger threats then they do. If either deck curves well or gets a good start its very hard.

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Zoo is a pretty difficult matchup. they have plenty of cheap minions to play around your traps can will check for Explosive Trap only when they have the board state to do so. Mulligan for removal and hope they do not have a great curve.


While I didn't face many for some reason rogues were the scariest class for me. Good spell removal for our minions and good minions of their own with the potential for massive burst. Snipe can be great in this matchup and try to get some value out of your bow before you burn all the charges. If the game makes it to turn 10 or later you almost always win I think.

Thanks for reading my guide! I'm sure this deck is not 100% refined but it seemed pretty consistent and could win a game from behind as well as snowball out of control.

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