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On Work Compression

There is a variety of game called "worker placement". In those games you only get a set number of actions per turn, when you've used them up, you're done. And that ultimately means you need to squeeze the most value out of every action you take. Picking the actions that improve your status on the most fronts, or at the maximum extreme makes it more likely that you will win the game. This is called work compresson.

It's not only found in worker placement games though. It's also found in card games. Netrunner is one of the most obvious instances of this. It has a 3/4 action turn, so you're limited in similar ways and it shows how picking valuable actions can lead to better results. But, in that game it's only a single strategy and there are perhaps better ways to play. The nicities of it in that game are that you build a board state that is extremely difficult to deal with and as your value adds up it makes it impossible for your opponent to do enough to matter, to move as far as you have. It's a core strategy/mechanic of the game.

It's present in hearthstone too, but it's not always exposed. People often recognize combos, trading for value and the like and in this game those sorts of strategies tend to win out more. But, when you can squeeze more value out of your mana and out of your hand than your opponent you tend to win. This deck does that in an extremely obvious way. It's based on the well known lock & load decks; but, it's less all in and can fight out the midgame and not rely solely on "praying to yogg".

Affinity for Secrets

Eaglehorn Bow, Secret Keeper, and the new Cloaked Huntress let you take advantage of a secret rich class: Hunter. But, huntress opens up the way you can take advantage of them in a new way. This deck plays like a hybrid of L&L, Hunter Secrets, Miracle, Token & Yogg decks. Yes, really all of those. It has a way of maintaining threats on the board every turn, and it's largely because of the way it's secrets interact. Secrets are spells, so we actually have a lot more affinitity here than is immediately obvious:

Lock & Load; Violet Teacher; Gadgetzan Acutioneer; Arcane Golem; and even Yogg all have light secret affinity in that they have an affinity for spells.

Now normally you'd just be stuck playing one or two spells a turn, trying to manage your opponent's board and not making much headway, but a lot of these spells place minions on the board and that gives you the opportunity to clog it up as you tick up your yogg counter or get ready to flood the baord from a stong L&L.

Huntress + a couple secrets on top of any of Auctionner, Violet Priestess, Secret Keeper, or Lock and Load allows you to get extreme card advantage and create a maze of junk your opponent has to deal with, robbing them of tempo and letting you stabilize.

Basic Play

Preserve some spells/secrets to combo with your "Affinity" pieces. Playing a L&L on top of a L&L is a great way to bank in value. You should aggressively try to control the board. You have many pieces that are just amazing if they stick for more than a single turn. Tokens, weapons and spells and be used to maintain the board presence. It is easier for you to have something up than most opponents.

It is important to always be damaging your opponent if the board isn't at risk. Regular use of your hero power and weapon to the dome put your opponent on a clock. As they try to respond to you, your secrets will trigger keeping your weapon up and ready.

What are you weak to?

Not a lot, but there's some stuff:

A really good player can occasionally play around secrets, but this deck should be able to drop enough threats that this happens in a minimal number of games.

An opponent agroing out may occasionally catch you with a lot of expensive stuff in hand. It's not a common problem, but it's going to happen as the deck does have some top heavy drops, though most things cost 1-3 mana.

Weapon hate on eaglehorn bow is probably the worst as eaglehorn bow allows you to convert spells in to 3 damage shots, which are quite effective.

Eater of Secrets/Flaire - I think this is the deck that might finally push these 2 silver bullets into the meta; but we'll see.

The mirror match? I really don't know. I'd love to play it, it'd likely be crazy.

Why I like this Deck

I'm not a fan of face or L&L decks on the whole. They tend to be all in, and very binary. You've got a pretty good idea of your chances of success or failure from the beginning of the game, and if plan a fails, there is no plan b.

This deck has too many plans. It means when you sit down across from someone, there's always the chance you'll lose; but you also always have the chance to win. And that means good play is the main indicator of success/failure; though this deck embraces a certain amount of RNG; any hearthstone deck with yogg does. But, I'm not a fan of playing games like a robot, and this deck doesn't ever feel like you're a robot. It's more like, you got drunk on power and are just barfing spells and tokens onto the table. Much preferable to being a robot.

I like secrets. I like hidden information. Games need more of it. It adds tension and makes the whole experience more enjoyable. I play games for fun, and this deck fits within that zone.

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Dude, I just played a control warrior and wrecked him, but the best part was that I was laughing all the long! I haven't played such a fun deck in a long time! So much crazy rng especially with cloacked + L&L + free secrets!! It's so fun and that's what I'm looking for in HS nowadays! Created this account just to say Thanks! :D

Thumb spaceghost

I've received a suggestion to go +1 Barnes / -1 Auctioneer, and that's probably a really good sub.