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Medium featured0823 wild murloc paladin deck guide

Guide Creator - OBJ_Everyday

Source Rehosted with permission

Hello! I just hit legend on NA fairly easily with a deck that has been underutilized far too much on ladder given its past success in the LoE meta, so I wanted to share my experience with it recently. Hopefully this helps push the wild meta a bit more; I feel the community hasn't fully fleshed out what the tier one decks are.

Legend Proof

Why Murloc Paladin?

(Besides wanting to get my golden paladin,) there's quite a few benefits to playing this deck now.


Most people playing paladin on ladder are secret paladins. Getting your opponent to incorrectly mulligan for an aggro matchup is a huge advantage.

The Meta

Murloc paladin versus priest is one of the most lopsided matchups in Hearthstone. Since priest isn't very viable in standard right now, you end up seeing a lot more of it in wild which is great for this deck. In general, this deck is very favored against control and is slightly favored against aggro.

Eater of Secrets

People love screwing over secret paladin. Because there aren't many players on ladder at the moment, you'll often get matched against lower rank opponents that are willing to play this card just to mess with Mysterious Challenger. Incidentally, this discourages using freeze mage on ladder which is the worst matchup for murloc paladin.

How to Play It?


In the general case, you mulligan for any murloc, Doomsayer, Acolyte of Pain, and Truesilver Champion. Against aggro and tempo decks, you also search for Equality.

Game Plan

Cycle and stall until 3-5 of your murlocs die then kill your opponent with one or both Anyfin Can Happens. Math can occasionally hard under pressure, so use an Anyfin calculator if you don't know how much damage you have. Prioritize your life total against aggro; prioritize card draw against control.

Deck Breakdown

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Forbidden Healing: Significantly better than Antique Healbot. Combos well with a Pyro + Equality clear on turn 10. Optimally used on turn 10 to heal for 20 when opponent has a weak board state versus aggro. Used to heal for 0 when heavily cycling versus control without burst. [card]Humility: Stalls to set up a Doomsayer clear on turn or an Equality clear on a later turn. Very rarely is used to activate Pryo.

Bluegill Warrior: Good early game removal. Make sure these die.

Doomsayer: Early game clear. Combos well with Solemn Vigil. One for one trades is often good enough value against aggro; don't risk the Doomsayer dying by waiting for your opponent to play more low-attack creatures on board. Has synergy with Sludge Belcher in the mid-game. Can be used late game on an empty board to deny a power turn (e.g. turn 8 Call of the Wild), to set up a low tempo play (e.g. Lay on Hands), or to set up Anyfin Can Happen.

Equality: Combos with Pyro or Consecration to clear board. Combos with Solemn Vigil to cycle. It's very important to know when to clear. For example, you need to save an Equality + an activator against N'Zoth decks. Use more liberally against aggro decks.

Wild Pyromancer: Generally preferred card to combo with Equality. Generally incorrect to play this card without another combo piece.

Acolyte of Pain: Early game cycle. Doesn't always need to get more than one card for it to be worth playing.

Murloc Warleader: Decent early game minion. Combos with the chargers for decent removal. At least one needs to die.

Consecration: Decent clear against aggro decks and Equality activator. Rarely used to squeeze in lethal damage.

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Old Murk-Eye: Produces the most damage for the combo. Decent at cleaning up the board. Make sure this dies.

Truesilver Champion: Best paladin weapon in the game. Used to clear minions in the mid-game. Occasionally used for burst damage to set up lethal.

Sludge Belcher: The only taunt minion in the deck. Helps stall the game and prevent incoming damage.

Solemn Vigil: Cycle. Worth playing for 4/5 mana if you need a certain card fast (usually Equality).

Lay on Hands: More cycle. Can sometimes make hand clunky. Make sure not to mill yourself.

Anyfin Can Happen: Win condition. First copy deals 22 damage if all 5 murlocs have died. Second copy usually deals 30+ damage.


Here is the breakdown of the matchups versus other classes:


Fairly uncommon on wild ladder (although that might change a week from now with beast druid). Combo druid used to be a horrible matchup for this deck, but now it's nonexistent. Against token / Yogg druid, focus on clearing whisps / apprentices to avoid buffs and Savage Roar.


Midrange hunter is an unfavored matchup due to Call of the Wilds and N'Zoth along with strong deathrattles like Savannah Highmane. Because Barnes was recently released, you might see a lot of these hunters on ladder. Try to Humility / Aldor the Highmanes and Equality clear the N'Zoth and one Call of the Wild. It's not an unwinnable matchup, but it's very hard. You're favored versus face hunter; just clear board and heal up once the opponent inevitably runs out of cards in hand.


Freeze mage is the worst matchup, so always mulligan for tempo mage. It is possible to win against freeze mage by healing past the opponent's damage potential. Both Forbidden Healings have to heal for as much value as possible and both Lay on Hands have to heal for 8. If you're able to Humility their Alexstrasza, you have a shot. Try to mill them if possible. Mill yourself with Lay on Hands if necessary to stay alive. Tempo mage is much more common in my experience. Play it like a standard aggro matchup: keep the board clear then heal up. When there's a secret on board, try playing Doomsayer into a Mirror Entity to get an easy clear or play a murloc into it to accelerate your combo. Your murlocs may occasionally get Polymorphed, but most tempo mages don't run this card.


Mulligan for the secret paladin matchup. Be prepared to answer Mysterious Challenger on curve whether that be an Aldor or attack into Equality clear. Versus N'Zoth paladin, save a clear for N'Zoth. In the mirror matchup, pay very close attention to how many murlocs have died on both sides of the board. It can be easy to give your opponent lethal by playing a murloc. (I've only played against two murloc paladins in wild in the past two seasons, so this isn't a common matchup).


Priest doesn't have good burst potential, so you cycle a lot in this matchup until you draw your entire deck then kill them. The most important part in winning this matchup is making sure your murlocs die. Play Warleaders before turn 6 so they don't get Entombed. If it's after turn 6, Pryo + Warleader + Equality to guarantee the death. (This does not work if you have two Warleaders on board because of the way aura buffs function.) Make sure you suicide your chargers on the turn you play them; it's even more devastating for a priest to Entomb your Murk-Eye. Most priests on ladder are N'Zoth priests instead of fatigue or dragon, so save one Equality clear for N'Zoth. The only ways you lose this matchup are if the priest somehow steamrolls out of control in the early game, if they steal an Anyfin from Thoughtsteal / Shifting Shade, or if they steal a Forbidden Healing and combo it with Auchenai Soulpriest.


Fairly uncommon on wild ladder. Mill rogue is a highly unfavored matchup since Coldlights fill up board slots when playing Anyfin, and the rogue will probably mill combo pieces. Miracle / Maly rogue is won by making sure you have a clear for the Auctioneer turns. N'Zoth rogue is won like every other N'Zoth matchup.


Slightly favored versus aggro and midrange. Heavy mulligan for Doomsayer, Equality, and Truesilver. Consider keeping an Aldor in the opener to play around Flamewreath Faceless and Thing from Below. Sludge Belcher optimistically is played to block Doomhammer. Against midrange, make sure to kill your chargers and hope the Warleaders don't get Hexed. This can sometimes be prevented by Pyro + Warleader + Equality.


Very favored versus Renolock, so mulligan for zoo. Save an Equality clear for N'Zoth against Renolock. Play out game like a standard aggro / tempo matchup against zoo.


Keep Equality in opener to screw over Patrons. Try to minimize armor gain against control. It is possible for control warriors to armor outside of double combo range from an early Justicar, so try to cycle as much as possible to end the game fast.


Murloc pally is great in wild and here's the list if you want to play it.

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