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Hit rank 10 last season, currently sitting at rank 5 with this deck. I'd love to hear your feedback.

This deck aims to create a sticky board with divine shields, trade up, and close the game with a tidal wave of murloc synergy. The main goal is to trade well until your opponent runs out of answers, but the more important goal is to surprise your opponent by beating them with top notch murloc burst. Let's go over the deck list.


Murloc Tinyfin- This guy wins games. Use him to buff your Tidecaller, to gain instant value out of Steward of Darkshire or Coldlight Seer, or to snag an extra card from Divine Favor. He's also good whenever you want a nice little uptick in tempo. One is plenty.

Grimscale Oracle- Again, one is plenty. You'll usually drop him with 1-3 murlocs on board (sometimes 6) and the burst will sometimes get you surprise lethal. Don't be scared to drop him tun 1 if you have nothing else.

Murloc Tidecaller- This is your ideal turn 1 play. He usually survives to turn 2 and often trades up. Occasionally he'll just snowball out of control and win the game himself.

Selfless Hero- Good on turn 1 against non-ping classes. Try to land her shield on a Warleader, but any murloc is a good target.

Vilefin Inquisitor- The card that makes this deck possible. Excellent on turn 1, especially if you can coin out a Warleader turn 2. In a control match up, try to drop him with 5 mana so you can get both hero powers for max value.

Argent Protector- This guy has been around forever, so he's pretty self-explanatory. Ideal targets would be Warleader, Steward, or Tidecaller, but any damaged minion is a good target, especially if you have Rallying Blade.

Bilefin Tidehunter- Best turn 2 play in the deck. If you can drop him turn 5 with Steward, you get a nice little Annoy-O-Tron for your opponent to deal with.

Bluegill Warrior- Hold this guy in your hand as long as possible. I often choose to hero power on turn 2 instead of playing him. The surprise damage he provides is good for lethal plays and clearing minions your opponent thought he could threaten board with.

Crazed Alchemist- Consider running two of this guy. His synergy with this deck cannot be understated. If you stat swap a murloc while Warleader (or Grimscale Oracle) is on the field, you get double buffs. He's also amazing against Doomsayer, most totems, and low attack taunts, which are all pretty common in ladder these days. You can almost always find a powerful tempo play with this guy in hand.

Murloc Tidehunter- Great with Steward of Darkshire and Coldlight Seer, as well as setting up board for Warleader. Be careful playing him against Warriors before you see Ravaging Ghoul come down. It's better to just hero power in most cases.

Coldlight Oracle- If you've ever failed at building a murloc deck before, it's because you didn't run one of these guys. This card single-handedly stretches this deck from aggro to midrange by giving you cards to play before you drop Tirion. He also gives Divine Favor a lot more reliability, especially with Tinyfin on deck to thin your hand.

Coldlight Seer- I used to hate this card, but 3 health is a lot harder to clear than 1, and if you hit a single murloc you're getting perfectly fair stats. It's impossible to build a board without this guy.

Divine Favor- The most broken card draw mechanic in the game.

Murloc Warleader- This is your win condition, so keep it in your hand until you need it. Be careful trying to make Steward of Darkshire plays while Warleader is on the board; your murlocs will not receive divine shields due to the +1 health.

Rallying Blade- Strictly better than Truesilver in my opinion. With Steward and a board full of divine shields, this card will often serve as your alternate win condition, especially against control match ups. In tempo match ups, just play it as a 3 mana 3/2. This weapon is especially useful with Keeper of Uldaman in the deck.

Steward of Darkshire- Try to play Steward along with at least one 1 health minion, because it will likely get removed immediately. The value it generates can be huge if left unchecked. Even if you have to play it turn 3 as a 3/3 body, it's better for your opponent to use his removal on this guy rather than Warleader.

Blessing of Kings- Since you'll almost always have a board, this card is excellent for trading or just pushing face. You can try running two, but you risk this becoming a dead card.

Keeper of Uldaman- This is the only truly broken card paladin has left. Occasionally you'll use it on a 1/1 minion for a slight bump in tempo, but in general you need to save this for your opponent's big taunts. The battlecry might as well read "deal 2-10 damage to a high health minion" because that's what you're going to do with it.

Tirion Fordring- This guy gives the deck just the right amount of value. In murloc decks, opponents tend to waste their heavy removal on Warleaders and Stewards, so Tirion comes down as a huge surprise that seals the victory against slower, more value oriented decks. The only reason Tirion is possible is because you're running Coldlight Oracle to stretch your hand out until turn 8, do don't play one without the other.


The mulligan phase is very important for this deck since your main priority is setting up a board. Be aware of your opponents removal options and plan accordingly.

In general, try to pull Murloc Tidecaller. Always keep Vilefin Inquisitor, Crazed Alchemist, Argent Protector, Murloc Tidehunter, and Bilefin Tidehunter.

If your opponent isn't a ping class, keep Selfless Hero. If you have 1 and 2 drops, keep a Rallying Blade or a Steward of Darkshire. If you think you can stick a murloc, keep Coldlight Seer.

Against control, keep Divine Favor and Keeper of Uldaman. If you have no other 1 or 2 drops, keep Grimscale Oracle and Bluegill Warrior.

Throw everything else back.


Argent Commander is pretty good in this deck, so you might switch one for Selfless Hero.

Brann Bronzebeard is pretty good with all the powerful battlecries.

Blood Knight and Sea Giant are both pretty powerful in this deck, too.

Defender of Argus can be very potent against zoo. Similarly, Gormok the Impaler is really strong if you can build up a big enough board.

Truesilver Champion is definitely worth considering, but I like Rallying Blade better for the earlier tempo.

Consecration isn't bad. Corrupted Seer is another board clear option, but I never really got it to work.

Murloc Knight is another good option that doesn't quite seem to fit in this deck, but you might get it to work.

You can try Anyfin Can Happen, but I don't really like it. It tries to accomplish what Tirion Fordring does, but with less reliability in my experience.

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