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Hi, I am Dream Dragon. I am a Hearthstone player and twitch streamer. Here I brought you my high win rate Midrange Shaman deck guide. This is my first deck guide so please leave comments and let me know what should I do to make it better. Please enjoy!

Win conditions with this deck

Unlike other midrange shaman decks, this deck has two main win conditions. Weapon and Minions. Normal 9aac242d29

The first win condition is definitely when you have Doomhammer. Yet as you can see in this deck, I run only one copy of Doomhammer. I feel like even if you run two copies, most of the time, you might only end up playing one. Either you never draw the other one, or Doomhammer just dies in your hand. This card is one of the main win condition if you combo with Rockbiter Weapon. This combo is a really strong play either used as face damage or minion removal.

If the opponent in anyway is able to remove your weapon (Acidic Swamp Ooze, Harrison Jones or Sabotage, etc). You won't freak out and just concede. Because you know this deck has a come back which is the second win condition.

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The second win condition is Minions. Basically what you are trying to do is to flood the board with all your minions. And eventually burn your opponent down. The MVP here is definitely Thunder Bluff Valiant. You can just keep pressing the button and getting all those totems out. With Thunder Bluff Valiant even those "innocent" Healing Totem, Stoneclaw Totem and Wrath of Air Totem can be aggressive and attack.

Bloodlust is a really important card in this play. Since Shaman's hero ability provides you a minion on board, with the card Bloodlust, you can deal a huge amount of damage to the opponent in one turn and eventually seal the game. Also, there is one copy of Primal Fusion in the deck, which all the totems generated by Shaman's hero ability, You can create a giant monster and highly threaten your opponents.


This deck is a Midrange deck. You will always look for early games in your starting hand. In my opinion there are two tiers for starting hand card sets.

The first tier is Tunnel Trogg with Totem Golem. The second set is Argent Squire with Flame Juggler or Flametongue Totem. With the divine shield, Argent squire can successfully remove a lot of 2 or 3 drops and gain you board control early.

If you face Zoolock or other aggressive decks, you might want to keep Feral Spirit and Lightning Storm as well. These are the match ups when you wanna efficiently remove your opponents' boards and out tempo them.

Game Play

Even though this is a Midrange deck and what we want is to burn the opponent down with minion attack to face. We don't want to just go face. We want to gain board control early on and maintain this til mid-game. If you can manage to do so, You will see your opponents are busy trying to put something on board and you have a huge board presence. That is the time when you actually push face damage.

Sometimes when you have some 3 drops in your starting hand and you don't know whether to keep them or not. I would say just toss them and look for 1 or 2 drops. If RNGesus doesn't favor you that day and you end up getting Thunder Bluff Valiant, Al'Akir the Windlord and Thing from Below, then be it! You have to fight for early games because Shaman is all about that early game control!

Another tip is don't play to avoid losing. We are playing to win. Don't be afraid to drop a card or make a play. You want to win and you have to set up your win conditions. But be careful, that does not mean you know your opponent definitely has Brawl and you just go all in. Practice and you will get the feeling of it.

Optional Card Choices

This deck runs one copy of Hex and two copies of Lightning Storm. You can be flexible and use two Hex and one Lightning Storm. It all depends on what you see more when you climb the ladder.

You can also swap out Al'Akir the Windlord for Harrison Jones if you meet a lot of heavy weapon based opponents. If you don't have them you can simply just add another copy of Flamewreathed Faceless or if you want to you can have another copy of Flame Juggler for more early game push. Other wonderful cards like Master of Evolution or Azure Drake are pretty good as well. Base on you experience you can be flexible and tweak the deck list a little bit. It won't effect the core of this deck.


Thank you guys for reading. I hope you already got a general idea of how this deck works. I wish this guide can help you in your ladder performance or your understanding in Midrange Shaman.

If you have any questions or suggestions please comment and let me know! If you enjoy it, please make sure to give me an upvote!

Also please check out my:

Have fun and play more Hearthstone!

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Thanks for the deck guide. I'll try it out. What has been your win rate with this deck? I keep winning and losing and being stuck at rank 15 - 17

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@Reservations The time I was playing I got around 80% win rate. The meta keeps changing, sometimes you have to change the deck list based on what you see the most on your ladder play. Keep it up and you can do it!