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Basic Information


Be sure to read our FAQ and posting guidelines and rules on using Mana Crystals.

For the guide editors here on Mana Crystals, you can use Markdown in our editors. Check out that link to see how it works. You can also take a look at Twitch's guide. If you are familiar with Reddit, it's the same kind of method to format your posts!

If you want to have more options of formatting your guides, you can also use HTML in our editors as well. You can find a list of functional HTML codes and how to use them here - Formatting Your Guides with HTML.

Below is a list of custom short codes that Mana Crystals' editor uses. You can use them to add:

  • Card tooltips
  • Insert card images
  • Decklists

For other functions like bolding, italicizing, lists, check our this Twitch guide!

What kind of guides can I create here?

There are four kinds of guides you can create here on Mana Crystals (naturally, all must be Hearthstone related!)

  • Just a Decklist - If you want to quickly put together a decklist and nothing else, then this is the option for you. We have the fast decklist creator in the whole world! (Well, it will depend on how fast your can type)
  • A Deck Guide - If you want to include information (on top of just a decklist) such as matchups, mulligans, card choices, tech choices or budget choices, then this is the guide you want to start with.
  • An Article/General Guide - Any non deck guide or decklist related topics falls under this option. Crafting, strategy, journal, card analysis - pretty much anything Hearthstone related!
  • A Matchup Analysis - If you want to write about a specific matchup, like Freeze Mage versus Control Warrior, then this is the option you'd pick.

The Buttons

There are four buttons at the bottom of the editor. They are there to help you organize the content of your guides and they look like this:

four buttons

  • Add Chapter Title - These are the chapter titles of your guide. The table of contents (right side of your guide once published) will be populated by the 'Chapter Titles'.
  • Add Content - This will add a field where you enter the chapter text of your guide.
  • Add Image - If you wish to add an image you can do it this way or use the markdown method described below.
  • Add YouTube Link - Add a YouTube link and it will render the video once your guide is live.

Adding card tooltips

You can create card tooltips by typing and using the [card] function.




Sen'jin Shieldmasta

Important! The card name must be exact! It's case sensitive and include all apostrophes and such!

Inserting decklists in the editor

If you wish to insert another decklist into your editor, you can use the [deck] short code. Each deck list has its own deck code, which can be found in its info box.




Note: The deck code must be on its own separate line in the editor! There's currently a bug where it won't display properly if it's used in a sentence or other words. We're working on a fix!

Adding more decklists to your deck guide or article

You'll need to insert deck codes in the guides (how to add deck codes is explained above).

You can get deck codes by using decklists already created or create your own decklists, get the deck code and insert it in your article.

Inserting card images

You can add card images in your post by utilizing the [cinsert] function. You can float the card left, right or not have the float property in the code.

Important! The card name must be exact! It's case sensitive and include all apostrophes and such!

Example - with sample paragraph text:


(Place holder text)


Normal 30dcc02cd6

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Fusce quis metus purus. Maecenas ut mauris lacus. Morbi at finibus metus, efficitur semper purus. Nam quis elit a metus mattis varius rutrum et enim. Nullam vestibulum lacinia tincidunt. Phasellus ultricies quis tortor at congue. Nam interdum odio eget sapien blandit pharetra. Donec eu mi consectetur, malesuada nisi nec, posuere dui. Integer rutrum molestie nibh, vel euismod ante ornare eu. Quisque ut placerat purus. Integer quam felis, consectetur quis tempor quis, efficitur id tortor. Suspendisse scelerisque erat sed tellus iaculis cursus. Curabitur posuere bibendum nunc et ultrices. Curabitur a nulla nisi.

Donec sit amet metus placerat, semper libero nec, ultricies dui. Nunc fermentum lacinia velit, sed feugiat dolor hendrerit a. Fusce feugiat justo ut nisl luctus eleifend. Sed faucibus magna a nibh ultricies, vel facilisis justo pharetra.

Example - no float option:



Normal 30dcc02cd6Normal 7888636528

Inserting regular images

Referring to the code below:

Don't forget the .jpg or .png at the end of the url!





Making lists

You can make lists (bullet points) by typing an asterisk (*), followed by a space then the text.




  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3

Linking text (url)

If you wish to link to other web pages or websites, you can enclose the text in square brackets followed by the link in parentheses.




Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, Official Website

Bolding or italicizing text

You can bold text by enclosing them in double asterisk on each end and you can italicize text by enclosing them in single asterisk on each end.




This word will be bolded. And this word will be italicized. You can do multiple words too!

Inserting Tables

Tables are a bit tricky to use. But with a tool like this one, it'll be a breeze! Saves you a lot of typing and spacing so highly recommend you use that link to generate the markdown for your table.




Table Header 1 Table Header 2 Table Header 3 Table Header 4 Table Header 5
Red Black Yellow Blue Pink
White Purple Cyan Red Orange
Indigo Grey Sepia Brown Violet

Want more?

We want to help guide writers and creators to do what they love with the best tools they have. If you have a question about how to do a certain thing, format in a certain way or have a specific feature request, don't hesitate to email us or just leave a comment below!

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Thumb avatar placeholder

Thank you so much for making this guide, I refer to it all the time while making my articles.

Thumb mw

I'm looking for a way to put a card tooltip on a different word. For instance, if I wanted to use the word "dragons" and have the Faerie Dragon tooltip pop up over it. Do you know of any way to do that?

Thumb logo fb

@Pickles1676 Currently there's no way to do that. Interesting idea though.