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A Visual Layout of WOG Cards

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These will be updated as new cards are released. Be sure to bookmark and check back often!

  • The amount of cards and rarity distribution is estimated based on The Grand Tournament. There may be slight differences once the entire set is revealed.

Latest Revealed Cards

The entire expansion has been added and revealed!

Phew…See you on the 26th!

Druid Cards

Hunter Cards

Mage Cards

Paladin Cards

Priest Cards

Rogue Cards

Shaman Cards

Warlock Cards

Warrior Cards

Neutral Legendaries

Neutral Epics

Neutral Rares

Neutral Commons

Comments (19)

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Thumb avatar placeholder

Corrupted Seer is a 2/3, not a 2/4.

Thumb hearthstone screenshot 04 13 16 12.01.45

Forbidden Ritual is rare card, not epic...

Thumb 0

Wow, they've actually revealed more neutral legendaries than neutral commons at this point, that's silly.

Thumb avatar placeholder

Well, common cards rarely do anything, and is rarely exiting. Like a 3 mana 3/4 with a boring text. No exitment there. Ofc they reveal the fun cards for the hype :) i.e the legendarys, the epics and rares :)

Thumb avatar placeholder

Yeah it's retarded. Also pretty odd how they're revealing about as many rares as they are commons.

Thumb mfdoomremixcover

Great work on this guide. I envy your visual capability.

Thumb avatar placeholder

great work :) that's just awesome :D

Thumb blue fireball

Thank you! So hard to tell the difference between the fan-made cards and the real ones. TBH, I thought Ragnaros, Infest, and Tentacles for Arms were fan made! And I didn't even know about Xaril even existing! Thank you!

Thumb avatar placeholder

Awesome thank you for this.

Thumb avatar placeholder

Made an account just comment that I love that someone took the time to create a visual spoiler of all the cards. Could you do this again for future sets?

Thumb avatar placeholder

Great stuff!

Thumb w0lf mit name

lel cardsluts don't add up to 134, worst vizualiation evar !!1

No, but seriously, that's some really great stuff. Keep up the good work :)

Thumb avatar placeholder

Great guide! Bookmarked. Thank you for creating this.

One request: do you think you could edit your abbreviation for Whispers of the Old Gods? The "official" channels use TOG or just #oldgods. The one you used is a racial slur in many places in the word.


Thumb avatar placeholder

Wow, Boourns & Crawf92, way to be dicks to the guy. He was just making a healthy suggestion

Thumb blue fireball

There is no "official" way to abbreviate Whispers of the Old Gods. I use WOTOG, but it doesn't make a difference. Just abbreviate it the way you want. People will get what you mean... as long as they play Hearthstone. :)

Thumb avatar placeholder

You say it's a racial slur in MANY places in the world. It isn't, just the UK and Australia. It's what Disguised Toast chose to use, deal with it.

Thumb avatar placeholder

It's an acronym; grow-thicker, presumably non-white, skin.

Thumb avatar placeholder

Grow up nobody is offended by that

Thumb avatar placeholder

Blizzard's next expansion: Guardians of our Kings. Any leaked cards for GooK yet?