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Moving Forward

We're moving to new site!

Mana Crystals is partnering up with Disguised Toast for future Hearthstone content. We've built a new site with Disguised Toast and all future content will be on the Disguised Toast website.

Disguised Toast will have the following Hearthstone sections for you to check out:

So be sure to bookmark the website Disguised Toast for your future visits. See you there!

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So no more deck building?

Thumb avatar   2014 11 20

Glad to hear similar content will continue, even if it's elsewhere. I checked out the Disguised Toast website before knowing of the relationship, and came away impressed. Very polished and easy to navigate.

I'm sorry things didn't work out with Mana Crystals, but hope some of the contributors can continue work at Disguised Toast.

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@Community Is it planned in the future at all to allow the community to add content as well? It looks like that core feature of this site isn't included in toast's.

Thumb icon wotog

@MooPenguin32 Thanks for the support. Mana Crystals was designed for both readers and writers. We later realized that our users were mostly readers instead of content creators, so we decided to redesign the site with readers as the main audience. Partnering with DT is like a fresh slate too!