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Hello, I'm Pagwon, and I present you ten budget decks, which are oriented on beginners. These decks are well suited for ranks 20 to 11, and some decks can get you higher if you pilot them right. The decks don't have any adventure cards, epics or legendaries (aside from the free ones). If you have a poor collection, try playing with these decks. In the upgrade section you'll find expensive cards recommended for the deck. Now Gadgetzan updated!

NOTE: Because the deck builder is broken at the moment, I'll post the decks as TempoStorm links. When the builder gets fixed, the decks will be put here. Sorry for the inconvenience


Budget Pirate Warrior (1440 dust)

Budget Pirate Warrior is one of the most effective budget decks in the game, and it's very easy to construct: a lot of basic cards and only six rares. The main goal of Pirate Warrior is killing the opponent as fast as you can. It uses weapons, weapon synergy minions and charge minions. At the moment this is the best budget deck in the game, and every card in it is good. You can get very high in the ladder with this deck, even without upgrades

1x Grimy Gadgeteer -> 1x Patches the Pirate

1x Argent Horserider -> 1x Sir Finley Mrrgglton
1x Argent Horserider -> 1x Leeroy Jenkins

Budget Aggro Paladin (1420 dust)

This budget deck utilizes Grimy Goons, Divine Shields and other minion power-ups. This creates an extremely fast early game and hard to clear minions, which can be used for trading efficiently or attacking face

2x Flame Juggler -> 2x Meanstreet Marshal
1x Worgen Infiltrator -> 1x Sir Finley Mrrgglton
2x Blessing of Kings -> 2x Small-Time Recruits
1x Acidic Swamp Ooze -> 1x Keeper of Uldaman
1x Harvest Golem -> 1x Keeper of Uldaman

2x Truesilver Champion -> 2x Doppelgangster
1x Steward of Darkshire -> 1x Wickerflame Burnbristle

Budget Hybrid Hunter (1400 dust)

This budget deck is quite aggressive. It doesn't reach the speed of Face Hunter, but it's compensated with a stronger mid-game and the potential of playing dangerous minions with buffed stats. If an opponent doesn't have an answer, you'll most likely win. It's worth mentioning an amazing synergy with Alleycat, Dire Wolf Alpha and Scavenging Hyena. Why isn't Savannah Highmane run in the deck? Of course it's strong, but it doesn't work that well with the Grimy Goons mechanic, because we don't wanna give additional stats to slow minions. After all, Savannah Highmane is good even as a 6/5

2x Fiery Bat -> 2x Quick Shot
2x Carrion Grub -> 2x Rat Pack
1x Tundra Rhino -> 1x Knuckles

2x Scavenging Hyena -> 2x Kindly Grandmother
1x Deadly Shot -> 1x Don Han'Cho

Budget Jade Druid (1340 dust)

Jade Druid is a very popular archetype in the current meta, which is caused by its amazing late-game potential. Budget Jade Druid runs so many taunts just to make a matchup with the popular Pirate Warrior more favorable

1x Druid of the Claw -> 1x Aya Blackpaw

1x Druid of the Claw + 1x Acidic Swamp Ooze -> 1x Fandral Staghelm + 1x Raven Idol
2x Dark Arakkoa -> 2x Ancient of War

Budget Midrange Shaman (1600 dust)

It's hard to make a budget Shaman deck, because this class relies on some key minions which are hard to get, but most of it is in Karazhan. One of the decks - the budget Midrange Shaman - is still at a good place in the current meta

2x Argent Squire -> 2x Tunnel Trogg
2x Flame Juggler -> 2x Maelstrom Portal
2x Flamewreathed Faceless -> 2x Spirit Claws
1x Bloodlust -> 1x Doomhammer

Budget Miracle Rogue (1480 dust)

Budget Miracle Rogue includes Questing Adventurer, a good alternative to Edwin VanCleef (they're sometimes even played together). It doesn't differ much from the regular version: a huge board clear potential, a possibility of dealing huge burst damage with Cold Blood and Eviscerate. Key minions can be protected with Conceal

2x Shiv -> 2x Preparation
2x Shadow Strike -> 2x Tomb Pillager

1x Counterfeit Coin + 2x Argent Squire -> 1x Patches the Pirate + 2x Small-Time Buccaneer
2x Buccaneer -> 2x Swashburglar

2x SI:7 Agent -> 2x Red Mana Wyrm

Budget Tempo Mage (880 dust)

Out of all Mage archetypes, the best one on a budget is Tempo Mage. This build resembles Pavel's Tempo Mage, which was based on minions and heavy mana curve. Budget Tempo Mage has more card draw sources than the classic one, so you'll never run out of steam. Firelands Portal is a Karazhan card, but everyone can get it for free after beating the prologue to the adventure. A lot of basic and common cards make this deck very easy to build

2x Spellslinger -> 2x Flamewaker

Budget C'Thun Priest (940 dust)

It's extremely hard to build a budget deck for Priest. The only option is Budget C'Thun Priest, but it's not that dangerous in the current meta. It's in the post just for REALLY poor Priest lovers. But if you want something better for Priest...

Budget Dragon Priest (2540 dust, 3500 gold)

This Dragon Priest has the least possible amount of adventure, epic and legendary cards. You can conquer the ladder with it, as it became very strong after Gadgetzan's release. To build this deck, you'll need to buy the full Blackrock Mountain and craft four epics

2x Faerie Dragon -> 2x Netherspite Historian
1x Potion of Madness -> 1x Brann Bronzebeard
1x Shadow Word: Death -> 1x Entomb
1x Kabal Songstealer -> 1x Book Wyrm

1x Defender of Argus -> 1x Chillmaw
1x Acidic Swamp Ooze -> 1x Ysera
1x Dragonfire Potion -> 1x Deathwing

Budget Zoo Warlock (1480 dust)

Budget Zoo Warlock doesn't have some of this archetype's key cards. It lost the discard mechanic, except for Doomguard. Replacements for key cards are quite painful. Without the discard mechanic, the deck becomes a little more stable and reliable, but it loses potential extraordinary tempo swings. Try to play around board clears, especially with Forbidden Ritual, even though they're not played much

2x Power Overwhelming -> 2x Malchezaar's Imp
2x Flame Juggler -> 2x Dark Peddler
2x Harvest Golem -> 2x Imp Gang Boss
2x Forbidden Ritual -> 2x Silverware Golem


Thank you for reading this guide! If you have any questions, feel free to comment!

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It looks like your site is down bud.

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@abertolinoiii TempoStorm can be down, but not for long. It's working now