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We all know how strong are the adventure cards.If you don't have adventure cards,don't wait and farm some gold and buy them.You can farm gold from quests,wins and if you play alot you can try make 30 wins daily for 100gold.Arenas are also an option but you must make atleast 7 wins if you want to return your gold and maybe take more.If you have the 80gold quest you can trade it with someone who also have it and make 80 gold + from it.


Don't rush while playing,think more you might have alot of options in hand you must think what your opponent have played,what he have left in his hand and deck and should you risk.


We all know that classic packs have the best cards,so you might want to craft some classic cards or buy some classic packs and make the important cards.

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"and should you risk."

Should I risk what?

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@thebmo Do you have to go face or play some minion with really good effect,you opponent might have silence or some removal you should remember did he use already such a card and think about it is it right time,to play aggresive or play some important card,that might win you the game or lose.