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It's only 3 days away from the release, are we ready to slow down?

For almost a year, even after the movement of Standard from Wild, the meta has been an aggression matchup between which classes had the most attack on the field at any given time, and slower classes gave way to Hunters, Mages, Warlocks, and the sort. They just never had the ability to do anything before their opponents burst them down with double Flamewaker, 5/3 Mana Wyrm with a Fireball into Mirror Image on it's way to your face for a whopping 25 damage (implying you weren't at full health, you are dead). And now, the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan is truly going to set the tone for Hearthstones future, if I would say so myself. With it's slow trumpet with a slight snare, creeping it's way down your spine and into a smooth, slow, thoughtful playstyle. In the meta we have today, it is Tempo Mage, Secret Hunter, Zoo, hell, even Midrange Sham has a load of burst. I hope to see Jadegolem decks between Rogue, Shaman, and especially Druid, what, with their outrageous tempo. I hope to see extremely slow picks on Grimestreet Informant, into a Don Han'Cho that lands on an Murloc Pally's Tirion. I hope to see the enemy Mage drop a Kabal Chemist, and get a Blastfire Potion to handle that 11/11 Tirion Fordring, handling the onslaught of huge creatures as we move along the game, and the direct counters and reprimands made by the Mage, until the Anyfin Can Happen drops into the Ice Block, in which the Mage then plays Inkmaster Solia, Pyroblasts, and Frostbolts the opponent's face for a 13 damage kill, which isn't rare for Turn 10 Murloc Pally health total.
I cannot wait to see how these cards interact with the meta and how much thought these top players will have to put into every turn to see some of the most outrageous turns, and counters in HS history. I hope you all are as excited as I am. The comments are open to opinions, and questions as to how I, and others who feel the desire to share, see these cards playing out into the game, and how they will make the game better or worse.

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I was excited in first place but it soon faded away. Initially I doctored around with Jade Druid since Aya Blackpaw was the first legendary I pulled out. However I soon realized the deck was the slowest deck ever. My opponents even came with stuff like full aggro Mage or Hyper Tempo Mage and of course soon the new pirate warrior became a staple. Even Dragon Priest was beating this Druid deck.

In my frustration I tried to change to Renolock, however Pirate Warrior is the only deck this looses to no matter how fast you get your defense up. Twice 30 hp is no problem for this aggro deck.

In order to get myself out of the aggro Meta playing field I ultimately decided to craft Patches the Pirate and rank up until I would hit the control meta surface.

To conclude: I believe people are not ready to settle for slow climbing yet. It all started to get out of hand once Sir Finley got introduced and will only start to slow down once the League of Explorers expansion rotates out. However with Patches the pirate another strong aggro staple card (Warrior, Rogue, Shaman aggro decks) was introduced just recently. It seems a long way to go.

Thumb aleph

@Aeronic Rogue is a lot less frivalent, it's much more a Miracle deck with more aggression. And Mid-range Shaman will be Mid-range Shaman.

Thumb aleph

@Aeronic Frankly, I give it a week or two before we can perfect Dragon Priest, maybe even a Renolock to be able to control the early aggression. Toxic Sewer Ooze, almost every deck runs Acidic Swamp Ooze currently, things like Demonwrath, Arcane Explosion, these are cards that can directly counter Pirate Warrior. We just need experimentation.