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Medium hearthstone new expansion mean streets of gadgetzan


This is Part 2 of a series of articles looking at the gang mechanics of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. This series intends to highlight some of the cards that use and synergise with the key mechanics of each gang. This is meant to be a fun, insightful and inspiring starting point for people wanting to build decks around the themes and mechanics introduced in MSoG. For the most part, these articles will stick to cards introduced in this expansion but some other Standard cards have been included when appropriate. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list so if you think of or Discover (See what I did there?) other cards that you think work well, share them with others in the comments section below. Click for: Part 1 and Part 3

Potions of The Kabal

QUICKLY, come in and shut the door. You never know who is listening, plus there's a draft. EXCELLENT. Take off your cloak, put down your staff, Kaza-Kola? No? Just a sip for me then...mmmm...the mighty master is MARVELLOUS! Oh! Who are you? Where did you come from? Never mind, leave this tourist swill at the front and come inside where the real POWER lies. Yesssss, behold! Lovely, luminescent lines of liquors as far as the eye can see. Each more powerful than the last, and more deadly. You can transform, freeze, shrink, control or simply OBLITERATE your enemies and and crystals. We also have MIGHTY healing potions or you could improve your demons, we love demons here! Just go up to the Chemist and let her know what you DESIRE. She's not picky, she'll give ANYTHING to ANYONE. Any harm that comes to individuals or their victims is the soul responsibility of the purchaser.

Kabal Chemist
Kabal Chemist
Kabal Potions
Kabal Potions

There can be only one!

Got all your potions? GOOD. Be CAREFUL with them, though, the stains on the ceiling attests to that! What's that? I speak funny? I'll tell you, a little alliteration alludes to a literary...NEVER MIND. BEHOLD!! Our illustrious leader, KAZAKUS! May his true power be realised. Clearly he's a little busy right now. Stirring, decanting, cackling; we can't be expected to let his GREATNESS be distracted by mere peons like ourselves. Let me tell you more as we scurry away quickly...QUICKER! There now, let me share with you one of the secrets I have gleaned from our master. All of his potions must have ONLY ONE of each ingredient. More than that, and it is useless. And it is not only KAZAKUS! Shhhhh! May his true power be realised. That has harnessed this power. Some of his greatest subjugates, I mean, subjects also utulise it. Inkmaster Solia has discovered that it makes ALL spells far cheaper. Raza the Chained, he's like that for OUR safety, has discovered it leads to unlimited healing...or DESTRUCTION! What? The demon controlling the Warlock in the glasses? Well, that's Krul the Unshackled and he has the potential to summon a demon army! Anyway, that's all the time we have. Come along, come along. Take your cloak, staff and Kaza-Kola. Out the door NOW!

Kabal: No Duplicates
Kabal: No Duplicates

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