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Medium kabal


Kazakus,leader of The Kabal, is a Tri-Class Legendary for the Mage, Priest and Warlock classes. At 4-mana he can have an effect at that important transition point from the early to mid-game. However he has very poor stats for his mana-cost. At 3/3 he is -1/2 below the standard of Chillwind Yeti. He also has a similar 'build-around' condition to Reno Jackson, though the different wording makes it possible that your deck can never have duplicates. With all these setbacks he had better do something special and boy does he deliver on that front, packing a Battlecry as innovative as Yogg-Saron's.

The Potions

If you manage to trigger his Battlecry, Kazakus will allow you to craft one of around 135 possible spells or potions. All of these allow you to pick two effects, each effect being a Discover-type choice of 3 random options. First you are given a choice of three mana costs: 1, 5, or 10. Most of the potions have a similar effect at each mana-cost but their power level is drastically different. 1-mana spells are the least powerful but they are incredibly potent for their cost and might be just what you need to flip the board early on. 5-mana spells are roughly twice as powerful as 1-mana spells, offering a powerful Turn 5 after playing Kazakus on Turn 4 or combining both together to give Kazakus an incredible immediate Battlecry from Turn 9 onwards. The 10-mana spells are super charged with extremely powerful effects that are best picked in a more control-oriented match-up where value is more important than tempo. See below for all known Kazakus potions. Edit:28/11/16 Following the Twitch Livestream with Frodan all Kazakus potions (except the 10-mana Goldthorn) have now been identified.

A Completed Kazakus Potion
A Completed Kazakus Potion


  • 1) Will AOE effects affect newly summoned minions?

No, spells will be cast in the way most beneficial to the caster. This means minions will be summoned before any buff effects and after damage effects.

  • 2) How many total potion outcomes are there?

There's about 135 possible potions that can be cast. It may seem like there are more than this if you look at the raw numbers but some potion outcomes are not possible because they have to be beneficial to the caster. For example Mystic Wool cannot be cast before Netherbloom.

  • 3) Did you forget the Thoughsteal effect and the 1-mana Mystic Wool?

I did not. The Thoughtsteal-like potion effect was removed from final development but snuck into the Blizzcon reveal and there is not a 1-mana option of Mystic Wool.

  • 4) Do you get to see all 9 possible potion effects?

If you watch the Youtube videos below, you will see that the potion crafting takes the form of three Discover effects. The first Discover allows you to choose the mana-cost, the second gives you three of the 9-10 options and the third gives you a different 3 of the options. This means that each time you play Kazakus you will only get to choose from 6 of the possibilities and none will be duplicated.

Mike Donais addresses a number of these questions in a Reddit post here.

Ben Brode also addresses some of these questions in his review of the card with Trump in the Youtube link at the bottom.

Round up and Acknowledgements

By coming in at a low mana-cost and containing a wide-range of effects, Kazakus may find himself slotting into a wide range of decks. One could say this this is the most innovative, flexible and nuanced Hearthstone cards that has ever been released. More information about him and the Kabal can be found at The Official Hearthstone Website - A Taste of the Kabal.

Thanks to This Kazakus Reddit Guide.

Another thanks to DisguisedToast's MSoG Visual Guide for inspiration on the look of this article.

Also thanks to Brian Kibler, I borrowed the image of the final Kazakus Potion from your reveal of Inkmaster Solia.

Finally, thank you to all the people who have been uploading Card Reviews on Youtube.

See below for some Key Youtube links:

Kazakus Reveal from Blizzcon.
Kazakus Gameplay.
Trump and Ben Brode Kazakus Discussion.
Frodan Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Gameplay

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Am I missing something? I only see the first choice cards for the 3 power levels....

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@MisterBump The secondary list of choices is made up of the same pool of cards minus the ones offered the first time.

Thumb wowlegion1

Nice job! Clearly there are people out there who want to see the combinations that Kazakus has to offer, and this is perhaps the most efficient one I've seen! Thanks!

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@majesticPhaZon Thank you. I am glad to be of help to the community.