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After several of the MSoG card reveals, I've seen some cards that have really caught my eye and I just decided to take note of them, and I'd also like to see what you think about my opinions, too. (Note: If you haven't seen the legendaries, check out DisguisedToast's article on the visual reveal, because the cards haven't been implemented with the code block on Mana Crystals yet.)

UPDATE: All cards have been revealed! No further reviews will be made!

Kun the Forgotten King

This card is the lord of Choose One cards because one of them is just awful for its cost while the other is just insane. The fact that you can restore all ten of your mana crystals when you play this card is incredible, even for Druid, because it leaves so much more room when you need to play expensive cards in order to gain a lethal, plus, it leaves a 0-mana 7/7 minion splat on your board. And you though Flamewreathed Faceless was bad...

Shaku, the Collector

Ok, the first thing I'm going to tell you right now is the fact that you just definitely need to run Undercity Huckster and not this. The health is too low to even make this a playable card, and it's probably very likely going to die on the very first attack, especially in the later game, meaning you get how many class cards? One. That's it. You get the amount of cards both Swashburglar and Undercity Huckster offer you. ONE.


This card is really entertaining if you've seen Blizz's video on how this works, and it seems as if it's more on the casual side, but it does see some potential because the spells are fairly strong for their cost. In case you haven't seen the video, or were confused by it, here's how Kazakus works.

There are three rounds of Discover, each of them being unique.

1: Choose the cost; 1 mana, 5 mana, or 10 mana. The mechanics vary depending on the cost, meaning that 10 mana is perhaps the strongest of the spells.

2: Choose the first mechanic. For example, as demonstrated in the video, a card that reads "Deal 6 damage to all minions." for the 10 mana category.

3: Choose the second mechanic. For example, as also demonstrated in the video, a card that reads "Summon three random friendly minions that died this game." for the 10 mana category.

4: The end result of the card is a spell called Kazakus Potion, with the two mechanics combined as the card text.

In a way, Kazakus is a combination of both Reno Jackson and Arch-Thief Rafaam because you can't have any duplicates in order to get an extremely insane spell (I guess Blizz really likes LoE's cards). It does see some potential in ranked because it makes a spell to your interest, making it easier to pull out in the situation you need it. It will see some play, and that's a guarantee.

Wickerflame Burnbristle

This card, as many people have emphasized, is just BORN to receive buffs, because the amount of damage that this guy deals is the exact amount that your hero will be healed by. Considering the fact that this can be played right before a Blessing of Kings, it's worth it, but it may die out quickly considering how overpriced the stats are. Overall, if this guy can stay sustained for just that one turn, it will prove its worth, so keep it alive for as long as you can so that you can keep on buffing him.

Finja, the Flying Star

Once again, similar to Shaku, the Collector, the attack is WAY too low for this thing to actually be playable and kill anything that gets played on turn five. (Maybe minions brought by a Zoolock, but anything else is really not that great of an alternative.) Some Murloc Paladins may play this card, as it allows for you to summon two Murlocs right away, and it may show itself as a small replacement to Anyfin Can Happen that Paladins will eventually lose come the rise of the next expansion.

Auctionmaster Beardo

The only class I see this as viable is in Druid and/or Warrior, mainly because the attack and/or armor are both collective and the fact that the best Druid (not exactly Warrior) decks revolve around spellcasting and gaining some opportunities with cards like Violet Teacher. It's really not so good, however, as the hero power still costs two mana, which makes you pretty much spend your mana trying to build up the ability that the power offers instead of really doing anything worth spending 2 mana on.

Patches the Pirate

A 1 mana 1/1 with Charge that gets summoned after a Pirate gets played isn't that good if you ask me. I mean, if you absolutely need this guy, sure, but the first pirate you summon is going to bring this guy right onto the battlefield, and his stats are pretty darn weak, literally the stats of a Stonetusk Boar. Plus, I don't know if this guy gets his effect triggered once, or it happens more than one, but it's most likely going to be triggered once, as it's brought from your deck. Put two and two together, and this guy isn't such a great card.

Madam Goya

Madam Goya is perhaps one of the three "deck puller" cards in Hearthstone, due to her ability to swap a minion with a random one in your deck, as Toast leaked recently. This will definitely see play with control decks looking for a way to conserve or take literally permanent control of what's supposed to be a temporary control (I am looking at you, Entomb!). I am seeing a lot of uses for this card. As Toast mentions in his video, the card is:

1: For those decks that are just hoping to pull something very expensive out of something that costs absolutely nothing at all,

2: For you nasty Priests that Potion of Madness or Shadow Madness a minion and then Goya them away into your deck,

3: And for those that simply want to see a legendary get played again, swinging the board in your favor.

Besides that, I don't think there's anything else for me to add, so I think I'll leave it up to you to finish my statement.

Don Han'Cho

For the Grimy Goons, buffing cards in your hand is a gigantic thing, and Don Han'Cho has only made it bigger. +5/+5 is a buff we've only seen in one of Ysera's tokens, Nightmare, and the effect caused by this is pretty devastating, especially in C'Thun decks, if the buffed card is indeed C'Thun. Don Han'Cho makes expensive cards underpriced, and is useful in the new Taunt meta that's probably going to be introduced with Warrior with I Know a Guy and Stolen Goods. This card will definitely see play.


This is effectively a Bolf Ramshield that damages, and it is very, very, very useful when synergized with the hand buffs, especially Don Han'Cho. This also is fairly similar to Wickerflame Burnbristle in a way, because the exact amount of damage you deal to a minion is the exact amount of damage that the enemy hero takes. Hand buffs make this card extremely useful, as Hunter is one of the Grimy Goon classes, and it only makes it bigger when legendaries like this come into play.

Inkmaster Solia

This is one of the three "no-duplicates policy" cards, but it's not that great, as the text says "The next spell you cast this turn costs (0)." Kirin Tor Mage and the new Kabal Lackey do the exact same effect for Secrets, but it does see synergy with Kazakus and his spells, making your custom 10 mana spell cost absolutely nothing at all, unleashing havoc on the board. However, that's probably the only synergy it has that I see as useful, so if you've got anything to add, just say it in the comments below, cuz I'm pretty stumped.

Raza the Chained

This card, like any other Priest card unveiled so far, is ridiculously powerful, and makes no sense whatsoever. I guess the Kabal classes really want to make some synergy with Kazakus, because this is a new "no duplicates policy" card for Priest. (I'm predicting the Warlock legendary will be the same.)

Other than that, this is crazy, as your two mana restoration is absolutely free for the ENTIRE game after playing this card even after it dies, making room for Kazakus to enter Priests revolving around healing your character while still doing as much damage as possible. The potential for this spans almost eternally, because this synergizes well with Auctionmaster Beardo, who we thought was useless, and the stats are almost underpriced for the effect this gives. It's possible that even after either Sir Finley Mrrgglton or Justicar Trueheart changes the hero power, it's going to cost zero, but there's not much that's revealed from that. Other than that, Priest has found its true auto include, with the failures of Velen, Paletress, Vol'jin, and Volazj.

EDIT: This has been confirmed long ago, but yes, Mrrgglton and Justicar's changes will still keep the 0-cost of the new hero power. Crazy.

Aya Blackpaw

Jade Golems are a recently unveiled mechanic in which their power increases the more you've summoned. They are 1 mana 1/1's that get +1/+1 for every other Jade Golem you've summoned this game. The mana cost also increases respectively. The fact that you are able to summon TWO of these at once when you reach turn 6 makes it possible to that you have two monoliths on the board, making this a worthy playable Jade Lotus legendary. The stats are balanced enough for the cost and text (6 mana 5/3), and this is a great way to buff the Jade Golems that you'll afterwards probably summon through spells or other minions. The card is absolutely great.

NEW: White Eyes

It's been a long while ever since the last legendary reveal, but it's here now! The craziest Shaman legendary yet, and the latest must-include for a Shaman deck, White Eyes is a crazy card without any overload. It starts out as a 5 mana 5/5 with taunt, but shuffles a 5 mana 10/10 with taunt, making it a COMPLETE game changer, and an INSANE counter against aggro. Once again, we've found another way to insult Flamewreathed Faceless, and it's the 5 mana 10/10 taunt Storm Guardian.


All cards have been revealed, which, unfortunately, marks the end of my reviews. Thanks for the support you've given me by viewing this guide, guys, and when the next adventure comes out, you can be sure to see my reviews on those cards, too. Until next time, see ya!

Comments (4)

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Thumb aleph

Okay the thing that makes Inkmaster Solia absolutely busted is this.
Remember pre-nerf Ancient of Lore that was a double include in every Druid deck?
Inkmaster Solia into Arcane Intellect.
Inkmaster Solia into Firelands Portal.
Inkmaster Solia into Flamestrike.
Inkmaster Solia into Pyroblast.

Thumb avatar placeholder

Always nice to see what others think about the coming cards.

I think you are brushing off the 10 armor of Kun to quickly.
Sure a free 7/7 on board on turn 10 is nice, but it's not as good as a 8/8 for free on turn 5/6...
The ability to get a huge amount of armor can be gamechanging in certain matchups...

Shaku, I see him as a pseudo Taunt.
You are guaranteed to get at least one card and if your opponent let him live, you will get free cards. So in a way it will force removal and get you a card, all of this for 3 amana, Its not that bad.

Auctionmaster is just bad.

Madam Goya, I think she's worst than Barnes in almost all cases.

Thumb wowlegion1

As for Kun's armor, I was kind of referring to the fact that Feral Rage existed and that you could get two less armor for literally seven less mana, so...yeah. Hope you kinda understand what I meant by "horrible for its cost".

Thumb avatar placeholder

If you consider Patches as a card that can make your deck 29 cards instead of 30, It might see some play. Its a strange card... but I suppose that's a good thing and i suppose the strangeness of some of these cards, since its really hard to figure out if they are worth playing or not and when could extend the testing period when the expansion launches.

I kinda get that 0 mana 7/7 is kinda a meme rubbing off 4 mana 7/7, but that card doesn't seem to see all that much play in midrange shaman.... which is kinda insane. I suppose it shows just how much synergy the class has with itself currently... even its hero power.
Kun will be an interesting card to play with. since its kinda a choice between a tempo advantage or a life extension that could be necessary to keep in the game.

Finja... I dunno, maybe there is some potential there, hard to say for sure without playing around with it.
Killing a damaged minion and pulling out 2 murloc knights with mana for the hero power could be a way to use this altho probably the most obvious one.
also can kinda thin your deck like patches if it works out.

Shaku...This is hard to see work, I suppose it kinda guarantees that you do damage and can gear towards a favorable or at least stronger trade because of stealth, the dream is to steal multiple cards with a hit to the face or re-stealthing it somehow.
might not be worth it, but rogue is a quirky class and can have enough damage at hand to protect minions, probably not tho.

Its really hard to see the point of beardo, hero power is kinda too expensive for that to really work,
other cards tried to do this and didn't see play and possibly did it better.
even the likes of poison blade + beardo is pretty bad, which was the only way I could think of to use this in a class which has enough cheap spell to use the can effectively.

Maybe I only talk garbage. But a guy can dream right?