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Hi! I'm Asmodeus, Hearthstone coach and author of The Complete Guide for Hearthstone Player. Welcome back to the Heroic Karazhan Guide. Fourth and last wing of the Karazhan's party brings the difficulty to a higher, and in my opinion, more appropriate level. All of the bosses have an interesting set of mechanics which can be abused if you find the right strategy. This is how heroic mode should work. You figure out the right way to beat it and then try to execute it, rather than defeating the bosses with just a brute force of a strong deck.

As always, below you'll find a strategy and the explanation for each boss, video example of a successful fight, and the decklist I used to beat it.

First wing + Prologue | Second Wing | Third Wing | Fourth Wing

Shade of Aran

Shade of Aran is the spirit of Medivh's dead father, not exactly an ideal party guest. The boss consistently opens his match with playing a secret called Flame Wreath. The text on the card reads: "When an enemy attacks, deal 10 damage to all other enemies." This means that if you trigger it, by attacking with one of your minions, your hero and your other minions will take 10 damage. To avoid this, you need to attack with your hero, doing so will make the encounter much easier. Rogue is the perfect class because of the convenient hero ability, which guarantees that your hero will be able to attack two times in the future for just 2 mana points. Rogue also has access to repeatable face damage from a spell - Headcrack. Combined with the spell damage bonus you get in this fight and other supporting spells (Preparation, Sinister Strike) this is enough to kill the enemy relatively quickly. Cards like Backstab and Fan of Knives will help you remove enemy minions with ease and any minions you play will serve mostly as a distraction and something to occupy Shade of Aran and make him spend his direct damage spells on worthless targets.

The rest of this deck contains various card generating minions and spells. Burgle, Undercity Huckster and Swashburglar will give you mage class cards, which tend to be very useful here.


Netherspite is a very interesting encounter in which positioning of your minions plays a crucial role. The most consistent way of beating him that I've found is through the use of cheap, durable taunts. Playing Warlock gives you access to Voidwalker and the ability to draw more cards, making your deck more consistent. It is very important to play a taunt in the blue beam on turn one. If you don't have a taunt up, you'll lose most of your health right away. However if you have a taunt up, sitting in the blue beam, the AI will potentially not even attack it, because it recognizes that dealing a single point of damage will not finish that minion off, which gets categorized as a bad trade. The AI does not seem to consider windfury into that evaluation either.

Once you set up a taunt on the right side, try to position the highest attack minion in the other beam on left side. Darkshire Councilman can potentially end the game in a very short time if Netherspite doesn't find a way to remove it. Feel free to include more buffs, such as Power Overwhelming to speed the game up. Chipping away at your enemy with only 5 small minions will take some time.

Free Medivh - Prince Malchezaar final fight

The last encounter you'll have to fight through in the tower of Karazhan consists of two stages. In the first one you'll face Nazra Wildaxe - an aggro warrior. Immediately after killing her, she'll be replaced with Prince Malchezaar who will cast a Twisting Nether right away, wiping your entire board if you're not prepared.

You can prevent losing your board by using a Counterspell, which would require playing mage. In that case, dealing 60 damage to the enemy face might be a problem but you can try using the infinite Fireball method. To pull it off, you'll need to acquire 4 copies of Sorcerer's Apprentice either through Duplicate or Echo of Medivh and after reducing the cost of your cards with Emperor Thaurissan play them together with Archmage Antonidas as well as a spell to start the chain going. From there on you have infinite, 0-mana fireballs to finish the enemy off. This approach relies on good draws and even then it's hard to set it up against such an aggressive opponent.

Shaman is a better fit for this fight and enables to you survive the board wipe in another way. Casting Ancestral Spirit on Kel'Thuzad will not only resurrect him but also make him bring another Kel'Thuzad to life. Shaman has a lot of very efficient ways to deal 3 damage in the early game. Combined with taunts that deal 3 damage and Mana Tide Totem it will buy you enough time to assemble your combo and prepare for the board wipe. From there you'll be very far ahead and you can finish the game in any way you wish.

Closing words

I hope you found this guide helpful and good luck in earning your heroic card back! Share your opinions or questions in the comments, I'm always happy to answer them and good luck in your games!

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If you're interested in 1 on 1 Hearthstone coaching - you can find more information about it here: Coaching with Asmodeus

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Thumb avatar placeholder

This helped me immensely! I didn't even have all the cards but the strategy behind them was a valuable read.
I didn't have all the cards, here's what I was missing.
* Shade of Aran without Burlge, Edwin and Bloodmage Thalnos.
* Netherspite without Mistress of Pain, Target Dummy or Hobgoblin. I remember that I threw in a power overwhelming and void terror, buffing the adjacent minion and having terror consume that minion after it attacked.

I haven't beat the final fight yet and I don't have all the cards, especially the legendary cards, but I'll keep trying!
* Cards missing: Stormcrack, Far Sight, Healing Wave, Annoy-o-Tron, Kel'Thuzad and Clockwork Giant

Thumb hrv6 jis

@distillia GJ. Without Kel'Thuzad you might wanna look for a guide to beat him with a mage by using Counterspell to stop the board clear from happening