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Hi! I'm Asmodeus, Hearthstone coach and author of The Complete Guide for Hearthstone Player. We're nearing the release of Karazhan's fourth and final wing. With it, we'll have all the new cards at our disposal and new decks are already starting to populate the ladder. To help you keep up with all of the new ideas and decklists I've compiled this list of 9 decks you should try. The metagame is still developing and, decks are being continuously created and refined into better and better iterations. Here are some of the potential big players in the near future of Hearthstone metagame.

1. Beast Druid

Normal f5a45d72a6 Druid received one of the strongest Karazhan cards - Menagerie Warden. Combined with all of the previous buffs to the beast archetype we can be certain that Beast Druid deck will become a very strong contender for the top spots in future metagame reports and tier lists. The final iteration will be refined over the next few weeks. It can be played very aggressively or as a midrange deck, so keep an eye out for new versions of the deck appearing soon.

As an example, I've chosen Adrikiki's version of Beast Druid which also features The Curator core; we will revisit it later in this list. This deck was used in a very successful last push to legend.

2. Arcane Giants Warrior

Normal 44a77b72c9 Arcane Giant is a card with great potential synergy in combo decks. A combo deck naturally wants to cycle a lot of spells to get to their crucial cards and without doing anything special it enables Arcane Giant to be played for a very low or even no mana cost. Classes in which it fits the best are: warrior, druid, mage, and rogue. Warrior has the advantage of being able to Charge their giants, which can then be cloned by using Faceless Manipulator, resulting in a potential One Turn Kill.

I recommend starting out with Arcane Giant + Grim Patron hybrid deck, which helped Senfglas and SuperJJ reach high legend ranks.

3. Hunter decks

Normal e8ea514ffe The hunter got a lot of love from Blizzard in this expansion. Every single new card is playable in constructed and fits the natural hunter strategy. Hunter is also, coincidentaly, one of the best classes for Barnes. Cards like Savannah Highmane or the new Kindly Grandmother synergize with it very well. Cat Trick, potentially the worst of released hunter cards, is supported by the Cloaked Huntress and together make the Secret Hunter deck a viable option for ladder. You will see a lot more hunter decks next season because all hunter archetypes got a boost in power. Face, hybrid, secret and midrange hunter decks, all have the potential to do well on ladder.

Below you'll find Goodfornthn's secret hunter list which got him to legend with a good win rate. You can also check out his guide for the deck here: Legend with secret hunter

4. Anyfin Paladin

Normal 498c8bcab2 Anyfin Can Happen continues to perform very well against slow decks which can't deal with the overwhelming burst damage created by resurrecting the murlocs multiple times. The addition Ivory Knight adds a potential for playing Anyfin Can Happen more than twice, improving the matchup against control warrior and making it nearly impossible to win in other ways than killing the paladin before he has a chance to use it.

Check out this Anyfin Can Happen + dragon hybrid deck from Thijs. The list features dragon synergies as well as the murloc win condition. It also includes The Curator core mentioned earlier.

5. Disco Lock

Normal 0835565b98 Discard Warlock a.k.a. Disco Lock has been getting small buffs in almost every expansion and now we've reached the critical mass where the deck can finally be played in constructed. All thanks to the addition of Malchezaar's Imp and especially Silverware Golem. In a deck full of discard cards and synergies, minions such as Tiny Knight of Evil become surprisingly powerful and force opponent to spend a lot of resources to deal with them. Out of all versions of Disco Lock I have found the more success with the most aggressive iterations which include cards like Wrathguard and Fist of Jaraxxus. This seems superior to the standard zoo play if you're going to include a lot of discard mechanics because you're losing resources in the long run for a short term tempo gain, which you can leverage into face damage.

Below you will see Zalae's version of Disco Lock which was played by him on stream. This is close to what a final version might look like in the future and the aggressive approach seems to be working well.

6. Resurrect Priest

Normal 9db3ce944c Resurrect Priest was being developed even before Karazhan cards were released (such as this pre-Karazhan control list from Amaz: Amaz Control Priest Preview). Both new cards, Priest of the Feast and Onyx Bishop, happened to fit with that idea nicely. Priest still has his problems and definitely is not a top tier class but perhaps it's less hopeless than before. The upside of this deck is that it's definitely fun to play.

Here is a list as well as a guide for a refined version of Resurrect Priest by Stonekeep: Does Resurrect Priest Work? – Deck Building & Playtesting

7. Control Mage

Normal 0e25dfac6d The last 3 decks are broader ideas which I encourage everyone to explore. First of them is Control Mage. There are a lot of new tools being released for slower mage decks.Firelands Portal and Babbling Book provide you with a body on board and a spell which potentially brings a lot of value from a single card. The new secret synergies apply especially well to cards like Ice Block which can be kept up for a long time. Avian Watcher with his battlecry activated is at the power level of enabled Twilight Guardian and Medivh's Valet is so strong that I anticipate it being played in nearly every single deck that includes secrets.

You could play a control mage or a grinder mage, but the biggest problem for the class is currently recovering lost health. Cult Apothecary is decent but requires you to be really behind if you want a good effect. The high mana cost is too much to deal with the board and heal at the same time in most cases. Reno Jackson solves that problem. A 30 card deck is more challenging to create and play but can be very fun and rewarding.

8. Barnes decks

Normal 1860439a62 Another type of deck to play is a list containing a lot of Barnes synergies. Building an entire deck around one card is usually not a good idea, that's why you should only try to bend an already working idea to fit the Barnes better, instead of tunnelvisioning on that one aspect. Great decks to fit Barnes in are: N'Zoth, the Corruptor decks, midrange hunter, resurrect priest.

You want to limit the amount of minions with Battlecries and increase the presence of Deathrattles and other powerful effects. Here is an example of a midrange druid deck which includes a 100% of minions with positive Barnes synergy.

9. The Curator core decks

Normal a060e10efc I chose particular versions for some of the decks on this list, specifically to showcase The Curator core. There are many combinations of minions which can be used in it. For example, you can play a fatigue deck and ensure you draw Coldlight Oracle. You can play it in a Beast Druid and use Sir Finley Mrrgglton in the murloc slot as well as Azure Drake for the dragons of your choice. Usually you want to make sure you have at least 2 cards of each tribe to increase the draw power of The Curator.

As an example, below you can see Leta's Curator Dragon Warrior, which he piloted to legend. It uses Sir Finley Mrrgglton and Fierce Monkey as well as numerous dragons for The Curator draws.


As the metagame develops, there will be more and more new decks coming and probably every deck from this list will become more refined. Keep paying attention to the meta and how these decks change over time and find out which decks give you the best results or the most fun. You can share your opinions or questions in the comments, I'm always happy to answer them and good luck in your games!

If you're interested in 1 on 1 Hearthstone coaching - you can find more information about it here: Coaching with Asmodeus

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