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Medium featured0823 the opera one night in karazhan heroic guide

Guide Creator - TommyJTheGamer | YouTube Channel

Source Rehosted with permission

Hey there everyone, so I’m back again, this time with the second wing of One Night in Karazhan using 100% free to play cards! (Woo, free to play!)

If you want a link to the previous wing, it’s available here, with links to all previous expansions as well: One Night in Karazhan wing one.

So when I say free to play cards, I mean cards you can get without buying any packs - they just require each class at level 10, and in some cases the bosses defeated in normal mode.

Heroic Julianne

Heroic Julianne Gameplay

For this boss I used the Shaman deck available here: Link

This fight was a decent start to the wing - relatively simple, but with that bit of flavour.

As far as strat for this fight goes, it’s pretty much the standard get and maintain board control. Fortunately it seems the boss is mostly interested in hitting your face, so you will sometimes get a bit of extra time to stack some minions on the board. Provided you get a bit of early board clear and trade effectively this fight is actually fine. This boss has very little card draw and no direct face damage, so once you wear her down she will only have Romulo plus whatever she happens to draw that turn.

Something to keep in mind - killing Romulo means he will come back next turn asleep and won’t be able to attack, so sometimes it’s worth it to kill him even if you can’t necessarily attack Julianne that turn.


Ideally you want to start with a Maelstrom Portal, as well as any other 1-2 drops so you can get something down asap.

Cards to Add

Abomination or Lightning Storm would allow for some much appreciated control and board clear to this deck. If you find yourself never summoning a Wrath of Air Totem Kobold Geomancer is a cheap extra you could add too. Saboteur would also be a decent one as it would prevent Julianne from summoning Romulo on her next turn.

Cards to Remove

If I had to take something out it would probably be the Pantry Spider, followed by maybe the Windspeaker. It’s a bit difficult to pick to be honest, as each card in this deck actually has a purpose.

Heroic Big Bad Wolf

Heroic Big Bad Wolfe Gameplay

For this boss I used the Shaman deck available here: Link

I found this to be one of those fights where you can just lose on turn 3 depending on what the boss does, which is unfortunate (him playing a double Infested Wolf, Infested Wolf+Stranglethorn Tiger, or Power of the Wild turn 1 can really, really hurt). None the less it’s a unique mechanic that leads to some cool potential plays and decks, and I really like that.

The general strategy with this deck is to hold off as best you can until you can drop some board clear, and then from there hopefully maintain control with a card advantage. I found the hardest part of the fight was dealing with the 3 1/1’s on the board, that become 3/2’s when they die. Once you clear the board and get a few things down, it can be quite easy to maintain a lead despite the bosses hero ability, mostly because like Julianne, he has very little card draw. I found the easiest way to clear the board was to take out the remaining 1/1’s once you have some way to deal 2 damage to everything.


You are looking to start your hand with Strong Battlecrys, such as Elven Archer or Fire Elemental. Arcanosmith is also amazing for preventing the first turns worth of damage, particularly if you can follow up with a Stormwind Champion or Raid Leader. Maelstrom Portal is also a good thing to have early - either using two, or them plus a Wrath of Air Totem.

Cards to Add

More board clear, such as Lightning Storm. Minions with strong Battlecrys such as Bomb Lobber or North Sea Kraken, Deathrattles such as Nerubian Egg, Piloted Sky Golem or Wobbling Runts, and minions with effects such as Validated Doomsayer may be potentially good adds. There are some great legendaries too, such as Kel’Thuzad, Deathwing, Dr. Boom, Chromaggus, Mekgineer Thermaplugg, etc. Also, potentially Evolve. Since the minions aren’t technically “played”, they won’t become 1/1’s (confirmed by /u/GormtheOld). Recombobulator would work similarly.

Cards to Remove:

Razorfen Hunter would be the first thing I would remove, followed by Barnes and Elven Archer.

Heroic The Crone

Heroic The Crone Gameplay

For this fight I used the Shaman Deck available here: Link

This was a really cool fight - a nice way to end the wing, and for the third time this wing I used a 100% Free to Play Shaman Deck. I actually beat this one on my first attempt (no Twisting Nether turn 8 - phew. And killed it the next turn), so decided to try twice more, which i actually tacked on to the end of the video. The second time around I was one turn from having lethal and the Crone used Twisting Nether on turn 8, killing me instantly. The third time however I killed her on turn 7. So yeah, I feel like with the right deck this fight is actually pretty alright (and very, very cool mechanically).

So this fight will be all about making the right decisions about whether to give a minion Charge or Taunt (Obviously no putting a Magma Rager on the Taunt side). Personally I was loving Shaman since their totems all automatically get Taunt, and Flametongue Totem, Windfury, and Bloodlust just seem perfect for this fight. Keep in mind that on turn 8 Twisting Nether becomes playable and if that happens you instantly lose, so ideally you want to win before then.

Interesting, if you put a Flametongue down next to Dorothee, the opposing minions will still try to take out Dorothee not the totem. It means that she will all but kill earlier minions that try to attack her (including that 5/2 Flying Monkey)


Flametongue Totem, Murloc Tidehunter, and Murloc Raider are all amazing cards to start with. If you manage to get a Maelstrom Portal it may be worth holding onto also.

Cards to Add

Minions that benefit you when killed, such as Nerubian Egg or Spawn of N'Zoth, (which you can put on the Taunt Side). Dust Devil and other cheap minions with Windfury would also synergise well with this deck.

I would avoid adding minions that can’t actually attack but would be beneficial as Taunts such as the Ancient Watcher. I feel like you may find yourself lacking in boss damage. Also, try not to fall into the trap of adding big expensive minions. The goal here is to have The Crone dead by her 8th turn.

Cards to Remove

Frost Shock is probably the least useful of all the cards, followed by Pompous Thespian. Just remember not to destroy the curve by removing cheap cards and adding expensive ones, particularly in this fight where expensive cards may not even see play.

If you’re struggling with this deck, it may be worth trying just a standard Inner Fire buff Priest deck. That 0/10 on the board is perfect for it, and I would imagine with a perfect hand you could win before turn 4-5.


Overall, an awesome second wing. I actually really liked the fights, particularly the Crone, and that tornado animation was really cool. I probably would have enjoyed the Big Bad Wolf boss more if he didn’t start with such a strong potential board, but I guess that’s better than him having some giant minions in his deck. I just want to add; the voice acting and music is seriously amazing in this expansion!

Anyway, if you can see any way to improve the decks I've posted, feel free to comment since in the end this stuff is about helping people out. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I'll answer to the best of my ability. Thanks for reading, I hope this helped!

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