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Hi! I'm Asmodeus, Hearthstone coach and author of The Complete Guide for Hearthstone Player. Welcome back to the second part of Heroic Karazhan Guide. In this article I'll share with you the strategies I've used to defeat the second wing bosses of Karazhan adventure. You'll find here tips, decklists and videos for each encounter to help you beat them with ease. Speaking about easy things, this wing is among the easiest sets of bosses released by Blizzard so far. I anticipate you'll have no trouble achieving victory with these strategies.

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Julianne is best approached with a Zoo Warlock deck. This type of deck will have no trouble getting on board early and using cheap minions, combined with buffs, to kill Romulo repeatedly. Julianne does not have many removal spells, which means that you can keep important creatures (Knife Juggler, Darkshire Councilman) alive and gain a lot of value through them.

Every turn, Julianne will first summon Romulo, if he's not present on her side of the board. If you're not going to have enough damage to kill him and hit the enemy face, then you don't even need to kill Romulo (unless you want to avoid enemy taking a better trade next turn).

I've used a standard Zoo deck with double Bilefin Tidehunter and double Sea Giant since building a wide board in this encounter is very easy. As long as you take good trades and save your important minions, you should have a very easy time beating this fight.

Heroic Karazhan Guide - Second Wing: Julianne

Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf can be defeated with many different decks. I've chosen one which seemed the most fun to me. A Priest deck featuring Resurrect and Onyx Bishop acquired in the normal version of this wing. The deck focuses on playing expensive cards with powerful effects, which will give you a board advantage very quickly.

Important thing to remember about this encounter is that only Played minions will have reduced mana cost and stats. Minions Summoned through spells, Battlecries and other effects, will have their original stats. Spells and weapons remain unaffected.

Alternatively you can use a hunter deck, relying on cards such as Animal Companion, Explosive Trap, Ram Wrangler and Savannah Highmane.

You can also play a Deathrattle focused rogue deck, taking advantage of cheap removal spells and good Deathrattle synergies and if you want some security - Antique Healbot is a great way to add health restoration to any deck.

Silence will also restore a minion to it's original attack and health values, which might be another strategy you'll want to explore.

Heroic Karazhan Guide - Second Wing: Big Bad Wolf

The Crone

The Crone has an obvious solution and can be defeated with very little effort. Since you're given a 0/10 minion at the start of the game, you'll naturally want to take advantage of Divine Spirit and Inner Fire. Priest is by far the best pick here, because you'll be able to keep Dorothee alive with a wide selection of healing spells and effects, and that's exactly what I used in my deck. There is a lot of healing and healing synergies as well as health gain to further abuse Inner Fire combo. Rest of the cards are there just as a filler and you can replace them with card draw or anything else you like, because this boss is very forgiving and easy to beat as a priest.

Heroic Karazhan Guide - Second Wing: The Crone

Closing words

In the unlikely case of any of you having trouble with the Second wing, I hope you'll find these tips helpful. Share your opinions or questions in the comments, I'm always happy to answer them and good luck in your games!

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If you're interested in 1 on 1 Hearthstone coaching - you can find more information about it here: Coaching with Asmodeus

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