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Medium featured0730 visual guide one night in karazhan

Latest Revealed Cards!

These will be updated as new cards are released. Be sure to bookmark and check back often!

  • The amount of cards and rarity distribution is estimated based on The League of Explorers. There may be slight differences once the entire set is revealed.

Adventure Information

  • Release Date: August 11th, 2016
  • 45 New Cards
  • Four Wings: $19.99 or 2,800 Gold (Prologue is free!)
  • Individual Wings: $6.99 or 700 Gold Each
  • Pre-Order within one week of launch and receive a Karazhan Nights Card Back!

Using Amazon Coins will make your purchase be cheaper - more info here.

Latest Revealed Cards

All cards are out! Scroll down to see all!

Druid Cards


Hunter Cards


Mage Cards


Paladin Cards


Priest Cards


Rogue Cards


Shaman Cards


Warlock Cards


Warrior Cards


Neutral Legendary

Neutral Legendary

Neutral Epic

Neutral Epic

Neutral Rare

Neutral Rare

Neutral Common

Neutral Common

Comments (11)

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Thumb avatar placeholder

Toast, where is Druid of the Seven? XD

Thumb avatar placeholder

Pantry Spider summons a 1/3 spider, not a 1/1.

Thumb image

Still no cards for priest and shaman ...

Thumb plates

**Silverware Golem**

FTW?! At last! Those shitty cards would see some play... but seems a bit too much b...ejem..ken

**Pompous Thespian**

"To annoy or not to annoy"
Ok Grom... try that deck again

**Kara Kazham!**

-Kara Ka Khandle!
-Kara Ka Broom!
-Kara Ka Teeeaaapot!


-Hey Curator ddup!

So easy to give this card sense in tons of decks

**Medivh, the Guardian**

WTF! O.o wait mmmh... FTW!!??? ...
WTH!!? oooooh... FGS!!!! ô.Ô!!

Tremendous hype I foresee my little panda juan(s)
So so big,
-Go away Kraken! be released once again
(sorry bro...) and put your vacation year to an end
coz year of the Acidic Swamp Ooozz'up! is coming
( embrace urslf! XD ) Every class gets a weapon?
-shut up and take my mo[]

(OMG! upgrade... OMG! 0 mana forbiden spels will summon a shieet ^^ OMG!...)

ºYear of the swampº and ºAcidic Johnny Rocker Quiffº
sponsored by: ItchyStickySwamp!!
All trademarks licensed under Harrison Jones terms.

Thumb plates

-Yoooooou get a weapon!
-Aaand yoouuu get a weapon!

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there will be 2 more legendaries, romulo and jullienne my dude

Thumb avatar placeholder

@egekement i guess

Thumb avatar placeholder

I appreciate every time you do this. Thanks

Thumb blue fireball

Thank you Toast \^.^/

Thumb avatar placeholder

Raving Grimoire is actually called Babling Book source Mike Donais:

Thumb avatar placeholder

@Raxoneth *Babbling