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Top 8 Finalists

Here are the top 8 players at the end of the Spring Preliminary and will be moving on to the 2016 Americas Spring Championship !

  • Bradfordlee (Aggro Shaman, Miracle Rogue, Reno Warlock, Tempo Warrior)
  • Cydonia (Aggro Shaman, Miracle Rogue, Pirate Warrior, Reno Warlock)
  • DeerJason (Aggro Shaman, Freeze Mage, Tempo Warrior, Zoo Warlock)
  • Duane (Aggro Shaman, N'Zoth Paladin, Ramp Druid, Reno Warlock)
  • Joster (Aggro Shaman, Freeze Mage, Tempo Warrior, Zoo Warlock)
  • Napolean (Midrange Hunter, Midrange Shaman, Miracle Rogue, Tempo Warrior)
  • PNC (Midrange Hunter, Midrange Shaman, Miracle Rogue, Tempo Warrior)
  • Rosty (Aggro Shaman, Dragon Warrior, Freeze Mage, Zoo Warlock)

7 of the 8 finalists were from the winners bracket at the end of day 1.


Deck Type Distribution

deck type distribution

Class Distribution

class distribution

Sample Decklists

Here are some of decklists of the all the deck types of the top 8 finalists. They are quite similar with each other so I'll highlight the notable ones.

Aggro Shaman

Dragon Warrior

Freeze Mage

The alternate version is taking out the Forgotten Torches for Archmage Antonidas and one more Acolyte of Pain.

Midrange Hunter

The Midrange Hunters are quite different in their card choices so both are listed here!

Midrange Shaman

Miracle Rogue

N'Zoth Paladin

Pirate Warrior

N'Zoth Ramp Druid

Reno Warlock

Tempo Warrior

Bradfordlee's Tempo Warrior has a slight twist of subbing Leeroy Jenkins, Sir Finley Mrrgglton for Varian Wrynn and Cairne Bloodhoof (in a standard Tempo Warrior decklist) for that extra surprise burst.

Zoo Warlock

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