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Medium na spring notable decks


We got another tournament this weekend and it's the America Spring Preliminaries!

  • Blizzard's Info Page
  • Saturday, May 21st - Spring Preliminary Day 1 - 10 am PDT / 1 pm EST
  • Sunday, May 22nd - Spring Preliminary Day 2 - 10 am PDT / 1 pm EST
  • Link to Brackets

Similar to the EU Spring Preliminary last weekend, Blizzard shared the decklists with us (all the participants have these decklists too!). Instead of listing out all the decklists (the usual Zoo Warlocks, Shamans, N'Zoth Paladins etc.,), we'll look at some of the more interesting and less common decklists of each class.


Players like Nobility, Dog and Chakki have included Druid in their line-up! Only 1 Druid made it to the top 8 EU Spring Preliminary last weekend - C'Thun Druid.


Perhaps with the recent success of Hunters on the ladder, there are definitely more Hunters this time around - practically all Midrange Hunters.


We've seen a Reno Mage take Rank 1 Legend on the ladder, it'll be interesting to see how this variant and how Tempo Mage performs.


Sick of N'Zoth Paladins? We'll be seeing more Murloc Paladins and Divine Aggro Paladins this tournament!


No priests made the top 8 last weekend - Dragon Priests are ready to see how they can shake up the tournament meta. There's even an OTK Priest!


We didn't see much of Malygos Rogue during the EU Spring Preliminary. All of the rogues that made top 8 last weekend were all Miracle Rogues.


Needless to say, we can't wait to see this Shaman deck in action!


With the success of AKAWonder's C'Thun (3x) line-up last weekend, we're seeing a rise of Warlock, Druid and Warrior C'Thun decks this time around! We also noticed a traditional Handlock making an appearence (No Reno Jackson) - it'll be interesting to see how that pans out.


Dragon Warriors have been pretty much absent on the ladder this season so far, so it's good to see someone bringing them to the tournament. We'll also be seeing a few of the Pirate Warriors for this Americas tournament.

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And just remember that these are here for learning and informational purposes, to provide inspiration and help you grow as a Hearthstone player and deckbuilder.

They are not here to blindly netdeck and make the meta stale!

Use some nous, thought and creativity and bring new decks to the party. Let's not just regift these decks to the community.

Thumb toilet drake

@SgtWingHead Definitely use it at your own discretion! Especially Tide's Shaman…no idea how that will work out :)

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Thanks for putting this list together TD. Give's lots of ideas!

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@Pariah Thanks!

Thumb 492px primal fusion full

@Toilet_Drake just noticed the notifications on my profile working. Nice work on the site update TD

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@Pariah No problem! Good luck!

Thumb bloodmage thalnos   full art

Oh my god, look at all those different ideas, I love this meta.

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@LordHS Yeah, post WotOG has been great!