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State of the Meta is a series we're hoping to publish weekly or bi-weekly. Its goal is to showcase some of the popular decks being played on ladder, decks being experimented on and feature some of the decks that has generated some excitement around them.

View the previous state of the meta article - May (2)


There were comments about how the structure of the article did not fit with the title. So we'll be clarifying each section more clearly and will take any suggestions if 'State of the Meta' isn't a suitable title for this series.


To quickly sum up the content of this article, we'll be reviewing the following:

  • State of the Meta, Classes and sample decklists
  • Midrange Hunter has this week's spotlight
  • Analysis of deck type distribution and win rates of the 8 players who qualified for 2016 EU Spring Championship
  • Status of Mana Crystals

State of the Meta

The meta has never felt more refreshing due to decks not running the same core cards as everyone else (Piloted Shredder, Dr. Boom, Big Game Hunter). No more hoping for a Big Game Hunter by turn 7 regardless of your opponent's class or deck.

The current population balance has Druids, Hunters, Mages and Priests on the lower end of the scale, while Paladins, Rogues, Shamans, Warlocks and Warriors are enjoying a stronger presence on the ladder in WotOG.

We recommend bookmarking the link above - it will be constantly updated with the latest rankings of the deck types. We don't order the decks types based on their power but their presence on the ladder (sometimes they are related).

Example - N'Zoth Paladin could be the best deck in the world but if the ladder (or the general meta) is dominated by Shamans and Warlocks (and no Paladins), it wouldn't be categorized as a deck to beat. It wouldn't make sense to try and counter N'Zoth Paladin either.


Midrange Shaman is becoming more refined, while Aggro Shaman (sample) remains stagnant in its card choices.

There are currently two main variants of Midrange Shaman - totem focused (sample decklist) and board control focused with Fire Elementals (sample decklist).

Decklists: Aggro Shaman | Midrange Shaman


N'Zoth Rogue (sample) has been waning in popularity while Malygos (sample) and Miracle Rogue (sample) are enjoying a return to being a top tier deck, especially in a slower meta.

Decklists: N'Zoth Rogue | Malygos Rogue | Miracle Rogue


N'Zoth Paladin (sample) is currently the common deck type of this class. Aggro Paladin (sample) does appear here and there with everyone's new most-hated card - Divine Favor.

Decklists: N'Zoth Paladin | Aggro Paladin


Warlock hasn't changed much with WotOG, it still has the same two decktypes powering it - Zoo Warlock (sample) and Reno Warlock (sample). Reno Warlock has Leeroy Jenkins as its finisher, but AKAWonder has enjoyed success in a tournament setting with his Reno C'Thun Warlock as part of his line-up.

N'Zoth, the Corruptor sometimes takes up a spot in Reno Warlock's list, acting as an extra finisher for the deck.

Crazed Alchemist is also finding a spot in Zoo Warlock lists - a tech against Doomsayers.

Decklists: Zoo Warlock | Reno Warlock


The Warrior class is enjoying the most variety of decks in the form of

  • Control Warrior (sample), a classic control deck since the launch of Hearthstone;
  • C'Thun Warrior (sample), a control deck with C'Thun as its late game;
  • Pirate Warrior (sample), an aggro deck that uses its face and weapon upgrades to maintain board control;
  • Tempo Warrior (sample), a midrange deck and currently the most popular Warrior variant, its strength in card draws and board control;
  • Patron Warrior (sample), a midrange deck powered by Grim Patron.

Decklists: Classic Control | C'Thun Warrior | Pirate Warrior | Tempo Warrior | Patron Warrior


We featured Ramp Druid (sample) in the last state of the meta issue. Unfortunately, there isn't much new to report since then. Same applies to C'Thun (sample) and Beast Druids (sample). Druid is not seeing a lot of play, evident in the abundance of Harrison Jones on the ladder compared to The Black Knight.

Decklists: Ramp Druid | C'Thun Druid | Beast Druid


While there isn't anything new for Control Priests (sample), N'Zoth Priest continues to be tweaked and refined. Changes include subbing in Forbidden Shaping, removal of cards like Northshire Cleric or Wild Pyromancer. Here are sample decklists from Kolento and Senfglas.

Embrace the Shadow was first disregarded by many when it was first revealed, arguing Auchenai Soulpriest is better - it now find a spot (1x) in addition to the Soulpriests for that extra consistency in Circle of Healing bomb or Flash Heal removal/damage.

Decklists: N'Zoth Priest | Control Priest


Similar to Druids, not much refinement for Freeze Mage (sample) and Tempo Mage (sample) at the moment. But there is exciting potential in the form Control Reno Mage (sample). Check out Abar's full guide on Reddit, who hit Rank 1 Legend with his Reno Mage.

Decklists: Freeze Mage | Tempo Mage | Reno Mage


We'll cover Hunters in the next section - Spotlight.

Spotlight - Hunter

Decks featured in this section is not the most played or the best deck on the ladder.

Hunter's featured this week due to its surprising ladder results despite its small presence. If you're tired of the common top 5 classes currently on the ladder, Hunter could be a good option to change up the pace.

Fluffy's version of Midrange Hunter hit Rank 6 Legend. He made a short guide here.

Toilet Drake took the same list and hit Top 20 Legend - check out his guide here.

The list was further refined and tweaked by players - Mr. Yagut hit Top 10 Legend with the following version:

Competitive Scene

Hearthstone had two big tournaments since our last report:

Perhaps the most notable decks from the Top 8 EU Spring Preliminary are the three C'Thun decks from AKAWonder. C'Thun Druid, C'Thun Warrior and Reno C'Thun Warlock.

Deck Type Distribution and Win Rates (2016 EU Spring Preliminary)

Thanks to Battlefy's records and Blizzard providing the decklists of all the players, we were able to follow the Top 8 players and determine the deck types of both their decks and their opponents' and calculate the win rates of the deck types they used.

Deck Type Distribution

Deck Type Count (32 Total)
Aggro Shaman 4
C'Thun Druid 1
C'Thun Warrior 1
Control Warrior 1
Freeze Mage 3
Midrange Shaman 3
Miracle Rogue 3
N'Zoth Paladin 4
Reno Warlock 5
Tempo Warrior 4
Zoo Warlock 3

Deck Type Winrates

Deck Type Overall Win Rate Games
Aggro Shaman 68% 25
C'Thun Druid 62.5% 8
C'Thun Warrior 100% 3
Control Warrior 40% 5
Freeze Mage 71.4% 14
Midrange Shaman 65% 20
Miracle Rogue 71.4% 7
N'Zoth Paladin 66.7% 24
Reno Warlock 72.7% 33
Tempo Warrior 88.2% 17
Zoo Warlock 75% 16


  • These are based on a tournament meta
  • Results are combined and taken from the perspective of the top 8 finishers
  • Deck type mirror matches not included

We thought it'd be interesting to analyze the deck win rates of the top 8 players. It's our first time doing an analysis like this, please excuse any errors or inappropriate methods used. We welcome any suggestions, critiques or requests of other stats you want to see.

Mana Crystals - Site Updates

Here is a quick summary of what's been happening on Mana Crystals:

  • Some of you may not know what this site is about - so we cleaned up our FAQ here.
  • Published our second newsletter - read it here. We got a lot of new features coming that will enhance the reading and writing experience on Mana Crystals.
  • Cleaned up our front page to allow more work to be shown, and added 'Popular' sections.
  • Our first community event ended Sunday - we'll announce the results later this week!


Hope you guys enjoyed this issue of the State of the Meta. As always, we're always looking for feedback so we can improve - both this series and the website. So if you have any critiques, feedback or comments, please share it with us.

Help us make it better!

Request: We're trying to optimize the speed of creating decklists on Mana Crystals. We got it down pretty fast (it's all done by text and keyboard, so you never have to touch the mouse or click around pages of cards) but would love to know how we can make it better. So if you have 2 minutes, try creating a decklist and let us know what you think!

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Thanks, good job++

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I like this a lot. Thanks for putting it together /thumbsup

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Why not name it "Meta Trends" instead?

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@Bearauder Possible!

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Very nice article and in gereral great site.
There is only one thing that i am missing, witch decks are the featured decks strong/weak against.

Again nice work

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Mr. Yagut's Midrange Hunter feels like it was created to wreck zoo. It pretty much prevents zoo from doing much of anything. Around rank 15, that's all I'm facing it seems, so it's working out pretty well so far.

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Really great article!

The Only thing I miss from it is the option to receive the notification that it is published via RSS :P

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Really nice article, would it be possible to include decks that are good counters to the top played ranked decks shown above?

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Thanks Toom3y7. Counter decks and matchups is still being considered for future reports. This series is still being refined a lot and trying to find it's structure.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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Overall nice article...kudos.

About decktype winrates..... i may be mistaken, but how is it possible that all decks but 1(controll warrior) have win rates above 50%? Who are they winning against? They cant all be "winners"!

Sry for my poor english.

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Once those players reached the top 8 or 16, their top performing decks were pretty notorious, and were probably banned in the rest of the rounds, or only lost in mirror matches.

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albertzed is right - the stats are from the perspective of the top 8 players. So if they won all their games and zero losses, yes, all the deck types would be 100%. Of course, that's not true on the ladder.

So gotta keep that in mind - stats are from the perspective of the top 8 players!

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Assuming it was in a tournament these players were the top 8 players, meaning they beat many other people in order to get top 8. This means that their winrate MUST be above 50 percent, otherwise they would not qualify into top 8.

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Very nice write-up, keep it up!
Btw thanks for the feature on Fluffy's deck.

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Absolutely fantastic write-up. Very good job analyzing the classes and including deck links. This is definitely the direction you should continue to take the series!

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Thank you.

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Nice job. tons of usefull information. i love wspecially linking to guides. Thumps up!

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For those win rates' stats, could you list the win rate of one class vs another when it is significantly not 50-50? For example, I have the impression that Freeze Mage is weak against Warrior but strong(?) against Zoo Warlock but by how much?

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We also have the information but the sample size is so small, we felt that it'd be misleading to share it. One of the reason we looked at the arch type's total win rate instead of against individual deck types.

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I'm not going to compare you to, you're offering a different experience and contribute to enhancing variety for the community. All sites, hearthpwn, tempostorm, manacrystals etc. are welcome and every one of them has their role. Congrats.

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Variety is the spice of life!

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Hey guys, made an account just to congratulate you for the great work. I am starting to like your meta report more then tempostorm, very professional, keep it going.

I only have one complaint, your site is terrible on firefox, literally takes minutes to load on a gigabit connection. Loads instantly on chrome though.

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Firefox is an issue we've been trying to fix for a while and still attempt to do so. Right now we think it has to do with how our fonts are loaded. We'll continue investigating it!

In the mean time, please consider using us with the Chrome browser!

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"Firefox in 2016 LUL" Hey, you're on the wrong site. This is . is the other way.

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Firefox in 2016 LUL

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Outstanding work guys. Keep it up. This is my new go to Hearthstone site!

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