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Medium new players


If you're a new or new-ish Hearthstone player, here are some guides and links for you to check out.

Learning the Game

Blizzard (creators of Hearthstone) has an excellent game guide on their website.

Once you have the basics down, you can visit these guide categories to learn more:

Basic (0 Dust Cost) Decks

Note: If you are looking for Basic Deck Guides (where we use cards just from the basic set), check it here here - hosted on Disguised Toast. Disguised Toast website also has a Meta Deck Ranking, Latest Decklists from Top Pros and Players and a Crafting Guide, all updated on a weekly basis!

Sheng, popular deck guide writer, has written a series of deck guides for each class that cost 0 dust! These starter basic decks can be built by anyone without having to spend a single dollar on the game. It's the perfect way for new and starting players to kickstart their Hearthstone journey.

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Druid Class

Ramp Druid is a deck that utilizes the mana acceleration from Wild Growth and Innervate to bring out late game minions early in the game.

View Starter Basic Ramp Druid Guide

Hunter Class

A deck whose whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Beasts Hunter relies on the synergy bonuses between Beast minions and spells to mow down opponents (by Spark)

View Starter Basic Beast Hunter Guide

Mage Class

The prototypical 12 win Mage arena deck. Utilizes extremely efficient minions and class spell cards to burn opponents down to 0 health.

View Starter Basic Mage Guide

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Paladin Class

Token Paladin attempts to maximize the value out of Paladin’s ability to generate cheap 1/1 tokens to swarm opponents. Stormwind Champion is a key card used in this deck to buff small 1/1s into more intimidating 2/2s.

View Starter Basic Token Paladin Guide

Priest Class

A time-tested Basic Priest deck that utilizes Northshire Clerics, Darkscale Healers, and Holy Novas to run an extremely efficient draw engine.

View Starter Basic Control Priest Guide

Rogue Class

An extremely fun to play deck that focuses on Rogue’s cheap spells to generate tempo over our opponents.

View Starter Basic Tempo Rogue Guide

Shaman Class

Like Token Paladin, this deck tries to take advantage of Shaman’s ability to generate Totems with his hero power. Bloodlust is the key card in this deck, which can be used in conjunction with our seemingly “useless” totems to burst an opponent down from ~15 health.

View Starter Basic Bloodlust Shaman Guide

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Warlock Class

Basic Warlock is built around four primary removal spells available in Warlock’s Basic card set. These are Soulfire, Mortal Coil, Shadow Bolt, and Hellfire. Because Hellfire and Life Tap both deal damage to you, it’s very easy to push yourself carelessly into lethal range for your opponent. However, when these removal spells are used efficiently in conjunction with the spell power bonus from Ogre Magi, they can be amazing.

View Starter Basic Warlock Guide

Warrior Class

Weapons Warrior takes advantage of Warrior’s cheap and effective weapons to control the board, while chargers like Kor’kron Elite help whittle our opponents down.

View Starter Basic Warrior Guide

Budget Decks

When you have accumulated some arcane dust or want to move on to the next level, check out the following budget decks:

Sheng's Basic + Karazhan Deck Guides

  • These decks are constructed with only Basic cards gained from reaching Level 10 with each class and cards from the One Night in Karazhan adventure set.

Sheng's Basic + Classic + WotOG Deck Guides

  • These decks consist of cards from the following sets - Basic, Classic and Whispers of the Old Gods, making them eligible for Standard Format.

The Next Level

When you're ready to make your first competitive deck, check out:

If you're looking to spend money on some card packs, you can save a lot of money by taking advantage of the the Amazon Coin promotions. Sometimes it can help you save up to 45% off! Highly recommended!

View the Hearthstone Amazon Coin Guide

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Thanks Guys am beginner and that decks help me a lot :)